You’re about to Step Up to the most unique vantage point, in existence.

Every Ounce, of this Existence, has led to this moment.
Every Interaction, Every Experience, Every “thought” has led to the birth of this Guidebook.

The Elite Sales Guidebook accompanies you, as you smoothly transition into your Galactic Magnificence. Filtered through the lens of Business and Luxury Experiential Branding—this colorfully candid piece of work will Inspire you, from the inside out.

“Every Entity in Existence has an Empire already encoded within,
it’s simply a matter of “printing” it out.” —TORiE

Her expertise is Divine Cosmic Consciousness, Galactic Attunement and Luxury Experiential Branding. Combining her blazin’ passion for Luxury Sales, World Class Entertainment, Hospitality and Craftsmanship—Torie knocks this one out of the park.

“My Consciousness being (currently) pinned in 2092,
definitely gives me a Unique Vantage Point.” —TORiE.

It doesn’t matter where one is in birthing their Empire, this Guidebook will not only deliver you to a Brand New Vantage Point, it will reconfigure your entire Energetic Essence.

The language and focus is geared towards supporting infinite divine abundance, casually.

If there’s anything I’ve discovered about Thy Richest Version of Self;
it’s that we are incredibly particular, and a little bit naughty.”—TORiE.

STOP SELLiNG Watch Your Sales Skyrocket kickstarts the Next Phase;
Designing our Fantasy Experience.

We Are Galactic Royalty Baby.
We Came Here to Celebrate (responsibly)!



“Your personality and rebellious spirit radiates from the book. It tells how you used your personality, as an outgoing and confident person, to walk through life. You explain how a person can work on their energy and personality and communication with people, then products sell themselves. You eventually said that we don’t make things, we just receive them all.” –

Review of STOP SELLING Watch Your Sales Skyrocket

Unread post by Hager Salem Â» 02 Apr 2023, 17:54

[Following is an official review of “STOP SELLING Watch Your Sales Skyrocket” by Torie Smith.]

Book Cover

4 out of 5 stars

Many books talk about sales, how to increase them, and how to engage with your customers. Books talk about improving your business and the scientific methods, or even common sense, to do it. This book also talks about sales, but it does so from a different perspective. It is as different as its writer. STOP SELLING Watch Your Sales Skyrocket by Torie Smith is a book that talks about how personality can affect professional life. It talks about how this worked for the writer. She describes how she always put her heart and soul into everything she did. This worked fantastically for her. She explains how believing in herself opened doors for her. Her perception is to believe that the customer needs you and needs what you introduce. The products will then sell themselves.

I like the writer’s energy. It radiates from the book. I can see how a person like her can depend on such energy to walk through life. I like her rebellious spirit and how she doesn’t follow the usual. I believe that one’s energy reflects on everything in his life. In this book, the writer advises you to work with that energy and spirit to market yourself and what you sell. I like the little tips and tricks she provided after some chapters.

On the other hand, I have one problem with the book. I can see how this method worked perfectly for the writer. I can also see it working for many people who have natural talents and glowing personalities. However, I don’t see it working for many people. Not everyone has this amazing personality that, if let out spontaneously, would amaze the world. Some people may really mess this up. So, I don’t see it as applicable to everyone. Also, the writer filled the book with quotes she, herself, said. I found it a little weird. The whole book is written by the same person. So, I didn’t get the point.

The book was encouraging and introduced a different approach. It also introduced the amazing personality of the writer. I don’t see how it can be generalized. Therefore, I rate it four out of five stars. The book received professional editing. You might notice some words and phrases written differently, but there was a note on the book that said it was edited to keep the style of the author present and that everything there was intentional.

I recommend the book to people who would like to learn how to use their personalities to improve their sales and their lives in general.

STOP SELLING Watch Your Sales Skyrocket

Response from Torie Smith

Oh my gosh, I am so incredibly appreciative for the due diligence and articulate review and response from Hager at! I couldn’t be more pleased that expressing myself, landed so gracefully.

In response to the one problem Hager saw with the book (you know me; the observers perceived “problem”, is simply a space for opportunity and the portal in which to blossom and bloom through).

I fully believe and know full heartedly that EVERYONE has the natural capacity to be just as audacious as I am, there is nothing overly special about me. For we are all incredibly special and totally unique.

If I can do it, anyone can (simply experience truly brought my “audacious” side out of me). “Experience breeds confidence”. I fully believe that everyone has their most audacious version of thy Self, waiting for their center stage moment to arrive. Divine timing doesn’t stop for any one, so if you believe in yourself just a little bit, I believe in you the rest of the way… we’ve all got this!

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