STOP SELLiNG | Watch Your Sales Skyrocket | The Elite Sales Guidebook | Paperback and eBook

You’re about to step up to the most unique vantage point, in existence.

Every ounce of this existence has led to this moment. Every interaction, every experience, every “thought” has led to the birth of this guidebook.

The Elite Sales Guidebook accompanies you, as you smoothly transition into your Galactic Magnificence. Filtered through the lens of business and Luxury Experiential Branding—this colorfully candid piece of work will inspire you, from the inspire out.

“Every entity in existence has an Empire already encoded within, it’s simply a matter of “printing” it.” -Torie

Her expertise is Divine Cosmic Consciousness, Galactic Attunement and Luxury Experiential Branding. Combining her blazin’ passion for Luxury Sales, World Class Entertainment, Hospitality and Craftsmanship—Torie knocks this one out of the park.

“My consciousness being currently pinned in 2092, definitely gives me a unique vantage point.” -Torie

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in birthing your Empire, this guidebook will not only deliver you to a new vantage point, it will reconfigure your entire energetic essence.

The language and focus is geared towards supporting our infinite divine abundance, casually.

If there’s anything I’ve discovered about thy richest version of Self; it’s that we are incredibly particular, and a little naughty.” -Torie

STOP SELLiNG | Watch Your Sales Skyrocket kickstarts the next phase; designing our Fantasy Experience.

We’re Galactic Royalty Baby,
We Came Here to Celebrate—Responsibly!



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