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Living a high vibrational lifestyle is a vital element to our experience.
Creating a sacred space allows us to fully experience our gifts. Together they nurture our divine soul and support us in being the Galactic Superstars that we are. Not only does it support our energetic and physical being, it is energetically foundational to experiencing our magick.

My YouTube channel has undergone a massive purge and release. If you caught the first 3 years of videos… I want to thank you so incredibly much for supporting me during my awakening-healing journey.

I received a sacred message from above that shared with me great wisdom about my purpose here… “You did not come here to teach, you came here to live. I am the teacher, go have fun with your friends and I’ll take care of the rest.”

My soul desires to sing, dance and play, to be a momma, the best P.I.C. ever to my hubby, to create music, paint and experience the magick in everything that I experience!

My wish is to inspire the world to dance to the beat of their own drum.

My family and I, we love being playful, goofy and weird. Spreading love and kindness and making people feel special is our favorite!

I’m excited to be sharing my awakening experience with you. :]