Being Empathic | Empath + Psychic = Empathic

As a team player, an EMPATH is a divine being of light, sent from the stars to be a beacon for enlightenment and ascension. As Galactic star beings wrapped in a human body we empathize with the pain and joy of this planet in a way that most struggle to experience. We are born here subconsciously intune and deeply driven to save, help and heal. 

“Innately I have this desire to play, to be the star, the captain,
to lead by example as one of team. It’s not in me to stand on the sidelines and coach.”
xoxo Torie

We came here specifically with a mission at hand, to raise the vibration of this planet and in turn raise the consciousness of the collective, dissolve all density and the Unite the Galaxies. We’re here on behalf of Mother Gaia herself, to expand, to ascend, to love her beloved planet, ourselves and one another.

We are Multidimensional Divine Galactic Spiritual Beings, sent here to have a human experience. The experience once entailed understanding, healing and filling our lives… Now, we don’t have to do anything, but be our magnificent Galactic selves. Alchemizing our hearts and souls with true authentic love, we have taught and elevated the rest of the Galaxy.

Photo Credit: “Traces” by @archannair


As an individual, an EMPATH is simply a transparent conduit of unconditional love, a channel for spirit, an extravagant vent of the universe, a flawless reflection of mother nature.

We live in what appears to be a fast paced world…
So naturally Empath’s can face energetic challenges, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

As Empath’s we have a built in mission that is taking place naturally, we raised the vibration of this planet as we lived our brightest, lightest lives.

Creating an intentional sacred space that supports us energetically, is vital. As much so as the company we keep, sharing this experience with our soul family is the absolute gift.

Hardwired to protect our energy, Empaths are drawn to simplicity, peacefulness and the pure elegance of mother nature.

However, there are moments when this experience can seem like a bit much. If i’m being honest, I once felt like a victim to this planet, gratefully I discovered that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Let’s take a look in my bag, the simple ingredients that make navigating this realm effortless, adventurous and fun!


One might think that wanting to block out all external emotions and energies would be the goal, but it’s not that cut and dry, nor do I personally think that’s the most effective approach.

At first I was so confused as to why Empath’s feel and take on what they do, emotionally…

The truth is emotion(s) aren’t ours, they are simply energy passing through. They only become ours when we attach ourselves to them by personalizing them. Otherwise they would simply pass right on through. *expressing emotion takes place when the energy needs to be cleared and released. Our beings are always cleansing and releasing.

Once we are able to transcend the personalization of this experience things get real fun!

Life becomes about the magick. We beautifully combine our non-personal truth with Spirit, energy and vibrational sensitivity… that’s when we can truly see what this hologram has in store for us!

Everything serves, even taking on energies serves, everything is perfect, evertying flawlessly happening as it’s meant to. Allow all to flow through you, remind yourself that you are a badass, continue observing and looking up.

Be who we are, know your own individual gifts (powers) and own what you bring to the table.


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The goal is to live a life that exhilarates you, not exhausts you.

If you are Empathic and have yet to see yourself, yet to strengthen that Galactic knowing, hell you’re even affected simply by the idea of being social, this is for you…

Find a grounding technique that works for you and use it before going out in public.
(Visualize yourself as a clear and transparent vessel, where all energy simply moves
through you and around you.) Remember you see the world differently.

Grounding Techniques

“our physical experience is happening here, however our spiritual self is doing work in another location. This often makes an empathic feel like this physical world is spinning and that they are often floating, this is where grounding can be of great assistance…
unless you’re looking to fly away!” xoxo Torie

Power Pose + Butterfly Stretch:
A power pose is generally anything that opens up the body. Give the world a hug!

This can be as simple as opening up your arms wide (so your body is in the shape of a cross) and taking long, slow breaths through the nose. Then get your (butterfly) wings moving, swing your arms in a circular motion [this always makes me feel like Michael Phelps getting ready for a big race. lol.]


Integrating movement, strength and power right before your experience will serve in uplifting and expanding your energy field. Which is opposite to how a raw Empath would typically go out into the world, wanting to feel small and invisible.

Grounding visualization:
These could be anything from visualizing roots coming from your feet, grounding you into the earth, to mentally building a halo of white light around your body and expanding it with your breath. Hell I just take my shoes off and walk around barefoot for 5 minutes and straight up connect with mother earth herself.

Music therapy:
**GAME CHANGER ALERT** Music you love creates an inner-expansion. It uplifts your energy and creates a protective ‘bliss bubble’ around you. G
et into the ‘music zone’ before entering a busy place. Dance to the beat of your own drum!

If you have never heard of binaural beats, your life is about to change!
There is a playlist of my favorites on The EMPATHIC GANGSTER YouTube Channel
check out the brain healing one, its like scrubbing your brain clean!

There are many grounding and mind quieting methods available, such as meditation. I personally was not great at mediating on my own and I have fallen in love with guided meditations, not only are they powerfully intentional but they definitely have trained my subconscious to be more naturally attuned to a meditative state.

At the end of the day our point of view and our attitude plays a massive role. Remember that you are an eagle, you might have to zoom that lens out.

Put your focus more on the magic and fun you’re experiencing rather than the overwhelm of the people.
Keep your focus close, enjoy the closest five people around you and forget the rest, just have a good time!

The most effective approach is actually to…

Elevate your Frequency:
Raising the actual power of your energy, shifts your experience. “Don’t let the energy of the room bring you down, raise your vibration and change the energy of the room”.

Foundational confidence, are you unshakable in you Galactic knowing? Are you conscious of every choice you make throughout your day?

Techniques of grounding are amazing but they are also somewhat temporary, if you really want to change your relationship with yourself and the world. Your ‘light’ ie frequency should be in alignment with that of the birds. How often do you sing and chat with the birdies? 


Know your food and how it affects you. Listen to what your body is telling you about what is and isn’t right for you. Let your intuition guide you. The more in tune you become, you can actually feel the energetic vibrations of the food, intuitively knowing what is best and what you should never consume, just instinctively… that’s gangster!

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What we put into our bodies affects our FREQUENCY, hands down.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you sit in meditation or doing yoga or how many spiritual books you read, if you’re putting poison into your physical body, no amount of meditation or spiritual awareness is going to balance you.

Because we are highly reactive, Empaths react to drug-like foods. Empaths can taste the bitterness in lemons more than others, go red in the face easier and are affected by certain foods, drugs and alcohol reactions are worse than those who are not highly reactive.

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies and that includes what we eat and drink.

The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency. Empaths are negatively affected by anything of a low vibration. Certain foods, drugs and alcohol have a low vibrational energy and they bring an Empath down quickly.

If you think or even know that your diet is impacting your health and you want to know how to clean it up, Raising-Your-Vibration will get you started!

Did you know, we also pick up on the energy of the person who cooked our food?

It’s wise to know how your food is prepared. Food made in an angry or unhappy environment will carry that energy and then show up in you.

Honestly it’s best to have mainly homemade food, so you know exactly what energy goes into your food. Also, if you have never looked up what foods are best for your blood type I would at least take a peek at the list, it can be very insightful.


First and foremost understand the purpose and importance of sleep and recharging. Our body is constantly healing and detoxing itself and the sleep cycle is intended to support this process. Allot of Empaths prefer to stay awake into the early morning due to the lack of active collective energy in the air. However our bodies really want to wake up with the sun and fall with the sun.
So intentionally regulating your schedule to be up in the early morning, not only benefits your bodies natural desires, but you will still be able to enjoy that calm collective energy of the early morning.

Switching gears, if you are someone who doesn’t like sleep-snuggling or having to sleep close to your partner in bed, no matter how much you love them, you are not alone.

Having sleeping-space is essential for an Empath.

Most Empaths loathe having anyone get in their ‘energy-space’, day or night, but sleep-time is crucial for recharging, so its even more important they are allowed it.

If you share a bed, get the the largest size bed available, if space permits.

This was a game changer for both my husband and I.

If you still struggle sleeping near your partner or wake-up feeling drained, use one of the grounding techniques above and apply them to your bedtime routine.

Don’t forget to communicate to your partner, as to what is happening so they don’t take offense.


The truth is Empaths have had the highest percentage of suicide and addiction.

Listen, I’ve done my fair share of partying. I know most of us have, it’s was us attempt to connect and cope the hands we were deal… that is until we woke up. All over the globe Empaths are clearing up, seeing themselves, feeling themselves.

“When I woke up, it was abrupt and I wanted to be nothing but sober
I cut out alcohol immediately.”

I became obsessed with raising my vibrations, experiencing the magick of sensitivity and sensuality and became beyond excited and intrigued by the “paranormal” experiences I was encountering.

None of this was possible until I stopped numbing my nervous system. Being under the influence, has typically been about blocking or shielding. We now know how shitty that feels… because energy is intended to flow through. 

Alcohol dulls the connection we have with our higher selves, which adds to the illusion of being alone. Not only that, alcohol creates timeline loops that then send us back everytime we drink.

We also tend to be more susceptible to skepticism, pessimism and low vibrational frequencies in conversations that involve alcohol. Skepticism is the plague it’s as dark as it is thick, zero clarity will be had while it’s apart of your system, it must be fully dissolved.


Water cleanses and grounds. (alkaline water is preferred). Include alkalizing foods in your diet. Keeping your body in an alkaline state is always ideal.

If your sick and tired of always being drained and feeling like a victim to this planet and are ready to see some real fucking magic happen in your life, I recommend going alcohol free. 

This choice should never feel like a punishment. Realize that just because you are cleansing your mind body and soul of toxins right now, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself in the future. Eventually you will get to a place of symbiotic harmony.


This goes beyond the bounds of present existence… Those apart of your oversoul ie your friends will feel like an extention of your soul. like you are witnessing yourself having an alterate experience of yours… it’s FUCKING AMAZING!!

Empathics are loyal, because we are royal, Royalty… Galactic Royalty that is. 13 Gods. 13 Crystal Skulls. 13 Archetypes shattered and scattered across the Galaxy having a multidimensional experience. 

In the physical, the longer an Empath has known a friend, the more impact that friend has on their energy. As you could imagine this could be amazing… or not so much.

I quickly learned that the health of my closest best friends were affecting my experience.
As they began to dissolve density, I could feel their frequency elevate within me. If you still believe that this life a solo experience and not 210% a team effort, that limiting belief is affecting your expansion. 

Listen to your instincts and consciously observe what your body is telling you about their presents. Typically just hearing their name will tell you where this connection is present. I had to energetically disconnect myself from the entire collective, including everyone in my life at one point, just to start fresh. 

There is no more living life on autopilot mode, you are now a pilot, conscious, aware and your attention to detail is now a part of your instincts.

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For an Empath finding their calling can feel like a challenge of epic proportions. 80% of the workforce hates their job, which doesn’t make for high vibe or happy working environments, as you can imagine. Not only that, today’s current work environments are the epitome of an energy suck! Leaving you feeling completely obliterated rather than nourished and overflowing with god’s light. If there is anything I can recommend its follow what excites you.

For ten years straight I did nothing but work and sleep because it was all I could do to protect my soul. Work, Sleep, Repeat.

This was the success mindset, I bought into.

A mindset that’s stacked with lies and limiting beliefs. Beliefs like “it takes hard work, that it involves pushing yourself, doing things you don’t want to do and the big one… sacrifice must take place in order to be successful.”

This is a mindset that many have bought into but that’s the problem it’s a mind-set. It’s mere name evokes limitation because it’s set.
The truth is it’s all bullshit and if you’re currently experiencing this mindset, you’re not in alignment with your souls truth.
The souls truth flows through the heart, it’s like a stereo, beating to its own rhythm.
Nothing is ever truly “set”, everything is continuously flowing.
The truth is, the experience that’s meant for you, to break out on your own, will LITE YOU THE FUCK UP, it dances around you in your dreams co-creating itself with you, within you and within the hologram. You’re so full of excitement… and the IDEAS, they just won’t stop flowing!
You can’t wait to get up in the morning to go be you some more. Everything about “it” is a pleasure, in fact it doesn’t feel like work at all! Hell, you’d even do it for free because you love how you feel that much! In fact that’s how the best businesses organically create themselves.
Success comes from the joy of the soul. Success is Spirit dancing.

If feels like an adventure and celebration.

Success is being yourself always.

Be goofy, silly or weird…  show up, be yourself. That’s Enough.”

For many Empaths, they feel like they are living a lie, by having to pretend they like doing a job, that they don’t. You always have the option to leave, however consider that it’s not about pretending, it’s about your point of view. See, our experience here is always perfect and your current position is serving you in purpose somehow, everything comes together. You’ll know when it’s time to leap, Spirit will have already set it in motion.

Photo Credit: “Light Work” by @autumnskyart