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A Channel of Spirit | Empathic Gangster®

Imagine God’s Daughter as your personal Spirit Advisor…

Hollywood’s Spirit Advisor presents “The Galactic Royalty Experience”
Now Accepting Applicants for January 1, 2022 Lottery 1B
This Once Upon A Time immersive experience is going to change the course of history… will it be your name, your tale, everyone recalls?

You’ll spend an entire year with “Spirit” by your side.
Imagine discovering those who you’ve been throughout history, imagine remembering who you are in the future, imagine all the questions you’ve ever had about The Universe, about life, answered. Imagine living this life with the clarity and consciousness of our true origin.

Imagine feeling all the beauty and magick the multiverse has to offer, infinitely coursing through your being. Every element of your existence and or brand reimagined, every obstacle dissolved, every aspect of your life touched and kissed by the heavens. Imagine flowing effortlessly, seamlessly, flawlessly riding your divine purpose.

prepare for take off

Due to the overwhelming interest in becoming the first to work with Torie
a lottery has been created.



Divine Purpose | Luxury Branding Consultant | Business Analyst – 1M/HR
When Torie touches your brand or business, royal expansion flows through every particle it touches, creating an eternal symbiotic relationship of abundance.

The future of business has arrived; a heart-centered, conscious way of operating has become the desired standard, for client and staff, alike. People want to support and work for those who care, respect and consciously consider their people, their processes and mother nature.

The future is here and the details matter.

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