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A Channel of Spirit | Empathic Gangster®

Book Torie as your personal Spiritual Advisor
for an entire year!

Hollywood’s Spiritual Advisor presents “The Galactic Royalty Experience” 1M:
A Once Upon A Time experience. This coveted spot has ONE opening! You’ll spend an entire year with Spirit by your side. Imagine discovering who you’ve been, remembering who you are in the future, imagine all the questions you’ve ever had about The Universe, answered, every element of your brand reimagined, every obstacle gone, every aspect of your life touched and kissed by the heavens. You flowing effortlessly, seamlessly, flawlessly with your divine purpose. If you are ready to launch yourself into the stratosphere, prepare for take off… your “UPGRADE” into your Galactic Royal Self has arrived hunny!

* Includes The Activation, the “SUPERSTAR RESET”, The Symbiotic Experience and The METAMORPHOSIS.
* LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP INCLUDED. “The most exclusive club in the Galaxy, Darling!”


A Customized LIVE Experience | “UPGRADE” + Sacred Space Transformation

“UPGRADE”: Galactic Self Attunement | A Unique Technique Torie Channeled from Spirit; clearing and cleansing the density complex interfering with the smooth transition into ones Galactic Self.
A custom multidimensional integrative experience.

The Symbiotic Experience, A “squad” Experience — 100K per person:
• Connect the left and right side of your brain to create a symbiotic “reality”.
• Now connect your consciousness with your family and friends, colleges and teammates to create symbiotic “squad” unity.

• Channeled Messages From Spirit
• Dissolve “the twisties”
• Includes energetic clearing of vessel
• Sacred Space Assessment | Gameplan
• Ask anything opportunity

Channeled Messages From Spirit — 20K
• An intimate experience with Spirit
• Includes energetic clearing of vessel
• Ask anything opportunity

The Activation | Energetic Matchmaker | Twin Flame Channel — 10K
• Attune to your twinflames essence
• Receive a Channeled Message from Spirit

Divine Purpose Business Consultant
As a Channel for Divine Spirit, with an eye for design and an expert in sales,
the future of Spirit Business is HERE. Torie assists brands and businesses in becoming
Spirit-Attuned; allowing royal expansion to cultivate within the your people and profits.

The future of business has arrived, a heart centered Spirit conscious way of operating has become the desired standard, for client and staff, alike. People want to support and work for those who care, respect and consciously consider their people, their processes and mother nature.

The future is here and the details matter.