Shifting PAIN into POWER

Taking accountability for our healing

Photo By: Unknown Taking accountability and responsibility for my part in my trauma, really shut off the victim tap that was subconsciously running in the background. It's not a pissing contest about who experienced more pain.
 The goal is to heal, so be consciously aware that you're not getting too caught up in your own… Continue reading Taking accountability for our healing

Understanding Your Gift

The [raw] female empath and LOVE.

LOVE, it's the most powerful experience of this life. Love often feels extremely difficult to find, and not surprisingly. We do not find love... we embody it, we become it and we attract it. The Female Empath is a magnificent Divine Feminine creature, she is mother nature reincarnated. Because she carries this enate power to… Continue reading The [raw] female empath and LOVE.

Shifting PAIN into POWER

Depression | letting it go

Depression is something that has been exponentially affecting the western world for quite some time. Fortunately we have reached a point of break, individuals are waking, ideals are shifting, programming is clearing and the New Earth is being birthed. As an Empath you play a specific role in this experience we call life; as a… Continue reading Depression | letting it go