Social Media

Hi Loves!
As all of you know I don’t do things the way the rest of the world does…
social media is no different.

We are divine reflections of mother nature, therefore how I operate is a reflection of that truth.
The present moment is where ALL comes together, so it wouldn’t make sense that I would hold on to the past by keeping videos or posts. Everything is done LIVE or removed after 24 hours.
Even this site’s posts are reread and refreshed to insure present-ish moment truth and energy.

It is incredibly important that you are receiving present moment energy and truth from me. Not only is it more personal, but it’s the most potent love you can recieve, and that shit is the BEST!!!

Old school ways simply make me feel good; hugging someone, shaking their hand, looking at them in the eyes, going to lunch, listening to their adventures, laughing together. These experiences simply are not felt the same way through the internet. You hear me say all the time “I can’t wait to turn my phone in for a landline and go back to carrying a camera”. It’s not about not enjoying technology, in fact I love it, its super cool, however I also cherish freedom, friendship and intimate conversation. Things that tend to be limited by an object in my hand, or on my mind.

Social Media is an afterthought in my life, and it love that! Technology, the internet, phones… these items are incredible tools, they help provide clarity and are opportunity at our fingertips, not for jumping down rabbit holes. If you want jump down rabbit holes, go to the forest. Spirit will guide you through the necessary rabbit holes. PRO TIP: rabbit hole is fun to play in, but chaotic to live in. xoxo

Just remember everything is neutral, you determine your relationship to/with everything.

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