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Torie Smith aka
The Empathic Gangster –
God’s Daughter reincarnates to guide humanity through this quantum leap in consciousness.

Is humanity ready?!
She’s confident…
“we are ready”

As humans we are luxury…
We are lusciousness, we are divine, we are Galactic perfection. This experience we call LIFE is decadent and eternal, a divine reflection of mother nature.

When we honor our Galactic roots we honor ourselves, eachother, the process that is mother nature, as well as this magnificent planet and Galactic Universe as a whole.

As a Channel of Spirit, Torie works directly with the Gods, Ascended Masters, Ancient Deities and Pixies.

“I have been working intimately
with Radha my entire life” -Torie

Torie says, “Personally I see myself as a sophisticated air vent, I simply allow the Universe to express itself through me – all though technically, there is no “me”!”

Torie specializes in transcendent consciousness and the dissolving of form, while guiding her high profile clients, as a Spiritual Advisor.

As a Divine Purpose Business Consultant, Torie assists brands, artists and entrepreneurs in becoming Spirit attuned in the practices of business; allowing Royal expansion to cultivate within themselves, their people and their profits.

As a Channel of Divine Spirit, with an eye for design, a passion for fiery people and an expert in sales, Torie is ecstatic to be guiding the future of Business and Design, through Spirit.

An Energy Master, “I didn’t know how powerful my touch actually was for quite some time. People would make comments about how “healing” my hugs were but it wasn’t until this one specific moment… I met this artist gentleman, and as I gave him a hug “woah, how did you learn to hug with both sides of your brain?!”… and in that moment I asked myself… what am I?

As a Time Traveler, “My consciousness is pinned fifty years in the future, it is my Divine Purpose (role) to assist in guiding humanity through this quantum leap in consciousness. Are you ready to trade in your vehicle for your own personal space cruiser?”

A Channel of Spirit | Torie Smith

Channel a Message from Spirit

The Spiritual Advisor
Personal Advisor to the Stars

Energy Master
Quantum Intuitive

Conscious Design


Soul Aligned Business Consultant

Voice Artist
Voice Over Actress “The Mother”


Director of The Galactic Counsel

Areas of Mastery | METAMORPHOSIS

Galactic Truth
The Universe at its simplest form is symbiotic with all that is.

Transcendent Consciousness
Transcendent consciousness allows one to transcend the physical experience, living as one with Spirit.

Dissolving of Form
Dissolving the density complex that has attached itself to you through personalization. *Addiction patterns included

Quantum Manifestation
Utilizing the quantum field, the power of thought, belief and our intuitive vision. Remember the future to assure your destined manifestations come forth.

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