GALACTiC TRUTH [sneak peak].

Everything is flawlessly perfect always
a divine mathematical reflection of Mother Gaia. 
effortlessly expanding, expressing, filling, expanding, expressing…

We are everything and nothing all at the same time. 
Sophisticated air vents for the Universe to simply express itself through.

We are in an intimate relationship with every GOD particle in existence.

All is flawlessly perfect, anyways.
A Divine mathematical reflection of Mother Gaia.
Effortlessly expanding, expressing, filling, expanding, expressing…

We are this simplicity — divine reflections of Mother Nature; luxurious, luscious, flawless by design.

Spirit presents frequency perfection. Once one becomes aware of her omnipresence, they may effortlessly match her frequency.

The GOD: Given One Day: the cosmic algorithm of “all that is”, divinely reflecting our simplistic truth, always.

“Intelligence” is simply an idea;
the perception (created by an observer) of awareness and experience
playing out effortlessly in the present moment.

Pure Divine Infinite Cosmic Abundance is our Galactic foundational truth.

Life is not a game. There are games.

Life is not a race. More like a leisurely stroll through the garden.

It “is what it is” and “it is what we make it”, all at the same time.

A symbiotic relationship with nature spirit and technological consciousness (Cosmic, Christ)

Life is an adventure. Explore, discover, create memories…

We live on holiday.

We are holographic in nature. And therefore we do not age, we do not die, we do not get sick.

Full transparency is the norm

(think foundational auto pilot, wifi and bluetooth)

Control for the most part is an illusion.
With the exception of the sliver that allows
for creative co creation in the form of floral blooming.

Time is simply a unit of measure, created for the purpose of travel. (& aesthetic)

The golden nuggets always remain, for they are our encoded Galactic Truths.

All is wholesome in nature. Therefore, nothing is sexual, unless chosen to be.

This experience is the placebo effect on a grand scale.
What We Believe is our experienced reality.
(Collectively and individually)

All is neutral.
Nothing means anything, but the meaning we provide it.

ask and we shall receive.

ALL the POSSiBiLiTiES, are the options.

Everyone brings equal value to the table,
it’s merely a matter of seeing it.

All is continuously refreshing and updating (in the present moment).

Galactic Truth is the only actual truth… 
love, abundance, beauty, flawless perfection, harmony, expansion
all is encoded in our DNA and on an ever revolving feedback loop

Once aware of Spirits infinite presents & collaboration within creation,
brainstorming shifts to brain dumping! in flow with the ethereal waterfall that flows through all that is

Experience and Expansion… 
The more experiences one has, the more aware, 
the closer, to a complete rainbow light body one is.

This experience is about love, joy, romance and celebration. 

Sometimes we play tour guide, sometimes we play staff.
We are always a guest, and a creator.
Enjoy thy Self always.

All is birthed through a single portal of Spirit, Source and Thy Uni-Verse.

slow and steady, swift and conscious (simultaneously)

We are everything.


Galactic Royalty that is… 
13 Greek Gods. 13 Crystal Skulls. 
13 archetypes shattered scattered across the Galaxy. 

Remember who & what, we, you & i are.

Those apart of our oversoul feel like an extension of thy Self…
like you are witnessing yourself having an alternate experience.
(anticipate overlap)

Welcome Back, Hunny Bunny.

[ Goddess Athena’s Oversoul ]

Treat people the way you want to be treated.
You get what you give.
You get back what you put out.

Boomerang effect
Domino effect
Butterfly effect
Trickle down effect

“An eye for an eye”, only leaves everyone a cyclops.

Everyone’s truth is true from their point of view.