A Rainbow Lightbody Experience | Welcome Beloved.

The path I thought I was on, wasn’t a path at all. It turned out to be an imaginary runway…
Undefined, practical and completely fabricated. Lifetimes spent practicing, “dissolving”, waiting to be “able” to take flight. 

This “journey” I believed I had been traveling and would continue to travel, was simply an illusion. A mere story developed to take up time, when in fact I’ve had all that is needed to take flight, since moment infinite. 

WE ARE NO ONE, simply translucent conduits of unconditional love, opaque, at absolute oneness with the magick that is the universe. There are no walls or barriers that separate us, we flow together as one… we float together as one infinite energy.

A live energetic experience; combining science, quantum physics, epigenetics, biophysics, hermetic principles, galactic properties, akashic truths, the energetic spiritual magick of mother nature and Divine Spirit attunement, in a way that one can’t necessarily explain but can absolutely feel deep within their soul.

Melding together consciousness, physics and Divine Spirit.