EMPATHIC GANGSTER Presents Couples “Twin Flame” Therapy Sessions

“Growing up I would say “giving myself therapy is cheaper”, until I went to therapy and the experience I had was PRICELESS! It’s been 20 years since my first therapy session — I knew one day I would find myself on the other side of the couch.” – Torie

THAT DAY HAS ARRiVED! Utilizing my knowledge in Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, Cosmic Consciousness and Galactic Law, PLUS first hand experience in being married to my twin flame — EMPATHIC GANGSTER® Presents Couples “Therapy” with Torie Smith.

*email torie for more information.

*Torie is not a licensed therapist, but a trusted member of the Spirit Community (in a multitude of realities, in multiple dimensions and in multiple areas of expertise and specializations).

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