I have great love, admiration and incredible curiosity for those who find value in coaching.

Personally, I could never be one.

As gorgeous particles of a single living majestic organism. I view everyone as my bestie, as an equal—divine reflections. Puzzle pieces that create a magnificent infinite whole.

I have often wondered; what makes a coach think they have a clearer innerstanding of who I am, what I am and how I should be running my life?!

No one can actually fill in for me being consciously present and aware.

No one can realistically drive for me (besides technology).

I don’t see the point of one standing on the sidelines calling out plays, when I’m the one with the ball in my hand.

Nor would I ever want to be dependent on that guidance.

The whole point is to be locked and loaded in our own divinity; our own confidence, intuitive flow and observant knowing.

Just as I wouldn’t want to be dependent on external technology. I want to be able to depend on my own internal capabilities.

I don’t want to have to depend on GPS; I have the ability to navigate with my own internal intel.

A coach isn’t standing in my shoes, they aren’t sitting in my chair, they don’t possess the same innerstanding or faculties, in which I do.

All anyone can really do (foundationally) is simply be themselves and offer infinite friendship (be a neural sounding board and Cosmic mirror).

It’s my responsibility/role (as the observer) to see, value and assimilate thy neutral reflection accordingly.

I’ve never met anyone who has information that is beyond or above my awareness and innerstanding of my own existence and or experience.

(No one knows MORE, simply different.) Each of us is a unique puzzle piece, each of which, brings equal value to the table.

I have zero interest in following someone else’s blueprint.

No one’s narratives have anything to do with me.

For, all is neutral—nothing means anything but the meaning we provide it.

I can recall the visceral liberation my entire being felt, the moment I deleted everything “psychology” (goodbye made-up stories that have nothing to do with me!)

Personally, any type of “self help” makes me go in another direction. There’s nothing to fix, nothing to heal, nothing that’s broken. We’re divinely, infinitely flawless (literally encoded that way). We are HOLOGRAPHiC, after all.

I don’t need a mentor, a motivator or a cheerleader. I have all of those things organically. Both encoded within and within friendship.

I adore approaching and interpreting everything about this experience, in my own way, without anyone else’s input, on purpose.

I don’t believe in mindset or strategy. I believe in mindflow and riding the ethereal waves of Spirit.

I don’t want to strategize and or plan. I want to dance, be surprised, be taken aback, mind blown, lifted by the whirlwind of the moment.

I don’t set goals or make plans. I have a vision, with desired pit stops along the way that I am really excited about exploring as they present themselves. My vision is inevitable, for all is already done. I simply get to enjoy my leisurely stroll through the garden of Eden as I make my way towards the inevitable (taking the divinely guided action I am inspired to take). Witnessing the magnificent birth as all creates itself through me.

I don’t have to do anything but be myself, and have fun with all that is.

I see it, feel it, draw it, design it and hit “print”.

Witnessing others coach has solidified for me, that “I don’t want to do that”.

It feels repetitive “wash and repeat”, limited in infinite potential, not to mention life consuming (at least knowing we don’t actually die, shifts allot, for how that looks).

I view “coaching” similar to an MLM (it serves as a temporary vehicle), something one will eventually trade in, upgrade and or get rid of—it offers the ability to get from A to B and enjoy “the ride” momentarily.

There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact it’s super badass (a ton of constructs function as temporary vehicles). However, my being functions and craves sustainability, timelessness and infinite juicy!

I don’t enjoy the feeling of advertising, selling/being sold or marketing. I know I’m not alone (considering people collectively spend more money on removing ads, than anything else.)

I love storytelling, adventure, experience(s), trips and rides.

I can’t imagine packaging/selling information. Because I can’t imagine not simply sharing absolutely everything I know, feel and see in every instant, with anyone and everyone I meet and know.

I love to create unforgettable, unique, one of a kind, multidimensional, multisensory experiences.

This allows me to be imaginative and creative and I don’t ever have to think about “oversharing”. I’m allowed to fully flow and pour out into the world around me, without limits.

I get to be my most audacious self—a free flowing intergalactic ethereal waterfall.

My soul desires a path that will, for sure bring fulfilment, infinitely. For me that’s a combination of being a bestie, a creator, an artist, an entertainer, an inventor, a mom and a lover.

I don’t have to sell anything—I simply get to be and express thy Self.

I can’t charge people to simply chat with me (I tried that once and it feels “so not me“). I LOVE to chat. It gives me wings! I adore the way it feels, getting to pour my Galactic Essence straight through people (without strings attached).

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t impressed with what I experienced, as far as level of “relationship” and the dynamics of friendship, in the coaching industry.

It often felt cold, isolating and disconnected (I personally, often felt like I had to pay people to give a shit about me) even though that was the opposite of what was being “taught”/sold.

I didn’t come here to isolate myself, or label myself an expert (which isn’t even a real thing).

I’ll never be willing to put myself in a box, on a pedestal or on a mantel. I came here to be free, to love, to live, to adventure, explore and play with all that is. (All labels deleted).

I don’t know what drives others, but for me, it’s not a full schedule. For me, it’s freedom to play, to allow as much “organic” to play out and play through.

I didn’t come here to blend in… I came here to make a splash!

I don’t pay attention to time and I have zero desire to “work hard”.

Who I am naturally “goes hard in the paint”, is a constant party and I’m “workin’ it” without even trying.

Pleasure, Rejuvenation, Reinvention, Celebration and Enjoyment…

Romance, Adventure and Creation.

All is unfolding through us, flawlessly. There’s nothing to do but simply enjoy thy Self.

My Spirit Advisory Services are fully complementary.

I have specific experiential packages that I offer.

I don’t charge by the hour (I do however provide a window for which one savors an experience).

Everything in my reality is instantaneous, therefore intentionally drawing it out, extracts that juicy!

I personally don’t get the point of having a coach (I’m also not training for anything). Simply, living my best life—I’m here on holiday!

In the beginning we all had teachers, coaches and trainers—we all inevitably graduate.

*currently broadcasting from the year 2092.

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