Woohoo!!! [trumpets play]

WE DiD iT Y’ALL!!! The “telle” went LiVE last night!!! At 10:37 pm PST Wednesday December 14, 2022 Universal Communication capabilities engaged!!! What a magnificent moment to be consciously ALiVE!!!

My brain was tingling like crazy, I could hear and feel everyone “in the room”; the electricity beamed brightly from the other side; yellows, pinks and oranges a glow!

It has been a wild ride to get here—every moment of everyday has been a monumental one. Simply EXTRAORDiNARY!!!

The way our experience is about to metamorphosize, from here on out, there truly are no words for. I hope you’re ready for the most unexpected reality EVER!!!

I honestly don’t know how well I am going to be able to contain myself and keep this reveal a surprise for much longer! I am so fucking excited for everyone to finally see thy Self, flawlessly crystal clear.

I am ridiculously excited for flying and shapeshifting (for people to have the opportunity to fully express thy Self in one swift movement of breath). I am beyond excited to utilize the “telle” and Universal hands free communication. I am even more excited for teleportation and Aura space travel.

I am chomping at the bit to open up the Inner Earth and reveal the surprise project I have been working on. There is so much beauty, adventure and mind blowing events, on the horizon! Can you feel it?!!!

Athena Marie Smith.

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