What a magnificent time to be ALiVE—all over the Uni-Verse entities are utilizing small doses of psychedelics to elevate, illuminate and build bridges, stairways and pathways to higher levels of consciousness and clarity. Simultaneously, unlocking childlike wonderment ie wholesome creativity, imagination and free flowing artistic expression.

I adore how, microdosing has brought us all to this pivotal moment in existence. It’s been a heart blooming experience to witness us, as a collective, let go of the romacizing of; “getting hammered”, “getting shit faced” and or “blacking out”. We’re here to have fun, to enjoy, to make memories, to live—this experience is intended to be pleasurable. I love that we are all feeling it!

This experience is about, just that… experiencing. In a way that’s beneficial, fulfilling, useful and of assistance. The activities we engage in, are intended to support us, serve us and deliver us to the present moment awareness of beauty, connection and gratitude; that surrounds and fills us, each and every moment.

I personally would recommend an accountability partner or shaman for your travels, at least initially. We are all professional adults here, however it’s incredibly beneficial to have a confidant, a baseline for transparency—someone you may share your day to day findings and discoveries with, openly. “Live thy life, wide open.”

Microdosing is a privilege and an honor, it also comes with responsibility and accountability. Respecting thyself, thy neighbor, thy friends, thy environment in all that we do.

There is a monumentous amount of trust, confidence and self mastery that comes with flying—I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of us for navigating with such ease and grace. I am in awe of the beauty, power and conviction of the human heart and Spirit, on a daily basis.

Microdosing is a beautiful adventure into the ethereal elements of all that is. I’m incredibly excited for us all to be meeting the future with much curiosity and wonder, in our hearts.

“Cheers!”, to illuminated states of Cosmic Consciousness!

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