In 2019, we broke through the glass ceiling of “Industry”.

Basically, it got to the point where every “expert” I came across, was declaring ideas that couldn’t be further from my own personal truth.

Every “lesson” turned me off—like, “woah speak for yourself”.

I was witnessing “industry leaders” selling their audiences their own personal beliefs, not actual Galactic Universal Truths.

Hopefully, “leaders” are cognitively aware that people are not drawn to information, but their magnetism, it’s about being in their presence. It’s not the words as much as it is the frequency, the confidence, the aire, the bravado.

The audience is looking to be your friend, not worship you like an idol on a mantal.

Once one’s language is galactically and cosmically attuned, words then have soul-resonation and will elevate and transform others.

People have been selling/buying blueprints to “success”. Which is not even a real thing; success is not only interpretational, but an incredibly specific delicate complex, assigned to each individual. Your empire is a reflection of your soul, not anyone else’s.

I was so incredibly confused by the “expert” behavior, I was witnessing.

We each are having our own individual perfect experience. Any wisdom extracted is specifically meant for the individual walking the path—as it pertains to that individual. Not everyone’s truth is the same—we all have different roles, and therefore different truths.

So how are people ethically selling others, “how to live their lives”?!

As humans we get to be ourselves, share our own personal point of view; tell our story, paint our picture, share awarenesses.

The observer then assimilates that treat for themselves in their own unique expression. Extracting relevant wisdom, for themselves.

It’s more of a casual conversation, than “teaching”.

Think about it, scientists are just now considering The Creators point of view.

Even being a human, has only been defined by mankind’s point of view and innerstanding of “science”. Which, that’s not the whole picture, by any means.

It only takes a basic understanding of quantum physics to know that the role the observer plays, is pivotal. Realizing that our entire reality is a reflection of specific individuals findings is mind blowing.

What if anyone else had looked through that microscope, would are reality still be what we perceive it to be?! No. It’s that meticulously designed.

Sharing awareness is one thing, claiming your an expert and telling others how to live their lives is completely different. What works for one, has nothing to do with anyone else.

“Experts” need to be incredibly articulate and accurate; “this is what I experienced and the awarenesses I had”. Recalling, their perspective, still is only one way of interpreting the events.

It seemed kinda bizarre anyone would be willing to put themselves on blast, market themselves onto a pedestal, with only having a third of the puzzle completed.

What if it’s not an image of the jungle? Maybe it’s the cosmos, maybe it’s an under water sea scape???

Point of views, have not been factoring The Creators point of view or Galactic Truth—merely personal interpretation of what’s happening, rather than the full Cosmic picture.

When I share my experiences—I’m conscious that the audience has their own truths, their own reflective experiences; that their own blended interpretation of what I just said, will take place, and that’s where the magik happens.

It’s like watching a movie, the true magik is actually taking place in the mind, not necessarily the screen in front of. The narrative is technically neutral, the observer chooses to extract and provide personalization or not.

Personally, I don’t encourage others to copy me, to be like me, or do things the way I do it. My role is incredibly specific—I want you to be fully you; in your own magnificence, in your own uniqueness.

Our gifts are different, therefore the way we show up will be incredibly unique, naturally.

Curious, as to why anyone would buy someone else’s blueprint?!

I bought someone else’s blueprint… and it had nothing to do with me, lol. It wasn’t a reflection of my soul, my desires, my vision, my ingenious or my truth.

There were golden nuggets ie Universal Truths, as there always are. I was able to use others reflections of truth as jumping off points, for there are always gems, to be mined.

In hindsight, it would have been more effective if I had simply observed and interpreted a real life scenario for myself, rather than looking to an “expert” and sifting through their narratives to find traces of myself. Either way, all is beautiful and I had my perfect experience.

It seemed like “experts” focused on defining the rights and wrongs, the do’s and don’ts… my soul, simply had enough.

I deleted all my “content”, walked away from the internet and social media, I put my phone aside, stopped reading books, stopped journaling, stopped pulling tarot cards and dove headfirst into my own.

It seemed like all of these activities had turned into a watering hole for those who believed they were broken or believed in some need for healing, and I simply don’t resonate with that.

I don’t believe in “healing” or having troubles, problems or issues. I believe that we all have nothing but opportunity to create something magnificent in every moment, around every bend. For we are holographic by nature, and in turn divinely flawless—simply reflecting our individual belief system.


3 years later, of just doing my own thang, my reality completely metamorphosized.

I witnessed my awarenesses bubbling up through my own personal experience; through my own personal innerstanding and filtration system, based on the individual walk. I’m walking, through my own interpretation of my relationship with reflection—combined with my own specifically encoded preferences.

I can share and experience symbiotically; I can copy paste and design myself and redesign, as often as I desire—but all is filtered through my positioning, relationship(s) and point of view within the experience, which NO ONE else resides in.

One person, per seat.

Others are simply mirrors, fractals. I can admire what I love about what others are experiencing, and then incorporate that inspiration and make it my own, if I want to.

There’s no such thing as right and wrong, when it comes to “success”, it’s all interpretational, not to mention a holographic projection of our own personal energetic expression.

So now what?! There’s an entire internet and world filled with antiquated, inaccurate information. Or is there?!

Well, ALL is simply neutral and we may observe it that way. Not as truth but as an idea or neutral reflection point, where we can declare our personal truths from.

Because the truth is, nothing means anything, but the meaning we give it.

My girlfriend gave me a card-set and I momentarily recalled exactly why I stopped reading books, and why I stopped buying cards.

My point of view, my level of consciousness—I just couldn’t bring myself to resonate with others narratives anymore.

I’m not going to provide myself a narrative that’s nowhere close to my truth, for the sake of relating to others. All I can do is paint a golden picture, brighter than the one they are currently expressing. Bring them with me into the present moment future.

I quickly noticed every time I would read something, it just had nothing to do with me.

Like I said, I don’t believe in the need to heal, I don’t believe that we have problems, troubles or issues. I don’t believe in labels, diagnosis, comparison or give a second thought to caring about things that simply don’t matter, to me.

I realized, not only is the internet filled with these books and products—there’s an entire physical set of these products too.

This is where the power of consciousness comes in, each individual observer holds the power to view all as a neutral mirror.

So, I picked up the card set I was given and as I went through each card; translating, transmuting and transforming each statement into Galactic Universal Truth.

For we are all alchemists, it’s what we do. We are so cool!

My Spirit skipped a beat… This is what lights me up; bridging gaps, translating “Industry Enlightenment” language to Galactic Wisdom; respectfully, casually.

Not for any other purpose than experiencing the clarity, liberation and happiness, alongside all that is!!!

There is no judgement, we’ve all been channeling the movie that got us here.

However moving on, it’s incredibly important that we are all conscious about what we are putting out there for all eternity. We’ve also created a technology that will update all with the current present moment truth, just to be sure.

I take everything I say and slowly make sure, that I too, am consciously following my own guidance.

We only exist today, so all the information that represents me; on this site, in my articles, my interviews, my products must to be in present moment truth. Whether that entails continuous updating or even deleting items that are no longer relevant, it doesn’t matter, clarity does.

I don’t know it all. I know a lot about myself, my truth, my point of view. The fun part is that everyone else here brings equal value to the table.

The puzzle doesn’t consist of one all important puzzle piece, it exists of equally important pieces that when all put together, create a complete masterpiece.

No one is truly an “expert”; there are simply professionals, whom have focus in specific areas of interest (specialists with expertise).

Remember, we’re holograms within a “video game”, having a physical, conscious and Spirit felt experience.

As far as business goes; I personally don’t sell “information”. I live it—living by example is way more effective, than telling people how to live their lives. Rather, than selling thy self, enjoy thy self.

Fine-tune a service, craft an experience, a priceless product that elevates and enhances this experience. Birth a heartfelt creation, release a masterpiece of self expression…

Create because you adore the feeling of creating.

Cherish yourself for yourself, and those you choose to share yourself, intimately with.

This entire Uni-Verse is our family, there’s no rush in meeting everyone all at once—we are here infinitely. Get to truly know one another. I’ve never met an individual here, that I haven’t fallen in love with.


Example #1:
Jamey will have an awareness and share it with me, like I should adopt his new belief, too.

However, we’re not having the same experience—our gifts are incredibly different, our roles are different, our points of views, preferences and encoded truths, are different.

If his new awareness serves him, fabulous! It’s most often not resonate to me; I will however consider it and keep it in mind when interacting with him, but that’s as far as it goes. (Although it’s imperative to consciously recall that we are all fresh new versions of thy Self, every moment).

Example #2:
I coasted through school, focused on socializing and partying, rarely clear eyed and got great scores.

My sister focused on school and sports, didn’t party, and had to do a few years of after school tutoring to stay caught up to speed.

At no point did either of us wish we were having the others experience.

We’re all different; my experience is not yours, and yours is not mine. Doesn’t mean we’re not family and we can’t still be, besties for life.

We both discovered so much balance within each others reflective experiences. Clearly there’s no “right way” to go about anything…

Simply have fun putting your own twist on things.

Example #3:
Artists and Musicians; the music industry in general has to have conscious responsibly when putting creations out into the world. Those narratives, vibes, and energies are going to be out there circulating for all eternity.

“Do you really want this momentary expression to live on forever?!”
You want this to be a resounding, YES!!!!

I haven’t listened to the radio in about 15 years. Everytime I turned it on, the “music” felt like a bitch fest; either talking shit, casting shade, complaining about this, sad about that… I just want to dance. I want to play, be elevated, inspired, delivered to the next level. I don’t want to hear about a made up pity party or how you think you’re better than everyone else. That’s not fun for anyone.

A conscious artist knows that it’s in their power, to bring humanity to life through transcendence; that’s what sound does. A conscious artist knows people are listening to their words, living by them, being inspired by them, becoming apart of them, infinitely.  

I don’t actually know the words to any songs because I change all of them. I rarely resonate with anyone else’s point of view or truth 100%, so I declare my own.

That’s not that fun after a while, so I started listening to music that didn’t contain a lot of words, and then I started creating my own because—still I don’t 100% resonate with anyone else’s point of view. And to me, that’s the point. I love that! I feel like my whole life I’ve been desiring to break out of of this copy cat cocoon.

My father is so incredibly himself always; his organic example was that of rich magnificent confidence, in who we are.

I’ve gotten to the point where life looks like the rough draft, to me. Nothing but opportunity, to reinvision this entire experience… with friends!!!

Now, to illuminate to all, what we are…

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