It’s Me, Torie. | The Picture EBook
[front and back]

Hello, My Loves! I really wanted to introduce myself to everyone—so I put together this picture ebook. It contains my most imperative articles (to date), some of my art, Galactic Truth, a sneaky sneak peek, a taste of my humor and wisdom, a dash of inspiration, sprinkled with a skosh of storytelling magik and pixie dust.

Bright, BOLD and colorful—a little out there,
PLUS loads of shimmer magick… Just like me!

This picture book was created during the eight days leading up to the 2022 8/8 portal and completed on the 2022 8/8 Lions Gate Portal at 4:44 pm. Forever embodying the Galactic clarity in which this experience revealed.

The entire picture ebook was created by utilizing COMPLIMENTARY apps,
royalty free photos/PNG sites, informational tutorials and personal skill sets. 

It doesn’t have to cost you anything to make a move—simply a little creativity, imagination and forethought.

© 2022  Torie Smith LLC | EMPATHIC GANGSTER®

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