I would typically write something like this in my notes, for myself, and then allow it to simply be an intuitive experience for all (behind the scenes).

However, the team feels that it would be beneficial to at least temporarily allow this to be a cognitive conversation.

I go through every post on this site often, making sure every word resonates in the current moment, and delete anything that is no longer relevant to our present moment truth. (This post will inevitably be deleted).

the crusader energy, had to end.

Enough with the saviors, enough with the heroes, enough with the knight and shining armors.

Are we SUPER? YES!!!

But we don’t need saving or rescuing.
We don’t need help or protecting.
Friendship is dope, though.

One morning, Jamey and I got into a discussion, and he made a statement like “I’ve been trying to protect you/help you/save you, since I met you and it’s never enough…” My immediate response was, “Woah, I don’t want or need any of that, please don’t—seriously, just be my bestie”.

When one claims the role of the “hero”, someone else gets assigned the role of “victim”. It’s so unnecessary and most importantly, not anyone’s actual truth.

STOP with the “poor so and so”
“Aww I feel so bad for so and so.”

STOP feeling bad for people, that’s beyond unhelpful.
Light hearted acknowledgment and genuine hugs is truly, all that’s necessary.

STOP trying to save and come to the rescue. EVERYONE is competent and capable of running and managing their own existence. EVERYONE!!!

If someone asks you for physical assistance, that’s different.

Listen to each others; assist, encourage, collaborate, celebrate one another.

Everyone brings equal value to the table. No one knows what’s best for anyone else’s experience anyway, so we focus on our own experience while loving, playing and enjoying eachothers company.

Allow others to discover their own strengths, their own abilities to navigate, their own capability to think for themselves.

CHEERS to being competently, confidently independent and being the best bestie, a friend could have!!!

Love You All!


Know the difference between entertainment and “the real world“.
Movies up until now, have been channeled reflective puzzle pieces of “what’s not working“, often a spoof or mockery, not a guide book to life.

However, the opportunity to extract truth, resides within the invisible consciousness bridge of the reel world, for all is neutral, and nothing means anything but the meaning we give it.

Know our Galactic Law.

Torie Smith | Empathic Gangster® | NFT Collection

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