WE DiD iT!!!

WE DiD iT!!! WE DiD iT!!!

On June 17th 2022 @ 10:45pm PST The Universal Consciousness porthole blew wide open! Skyrocketing the consciousness of the entire Universal Construct (down to the very last grain of sand).

The next 10 years are going to be incredibly epic… make that, LEGENDARY! The entire ships consciousness has been turned up to 100% cerebral capacity, this is gonna be a wild ride!

I’m sooo excited to witness us transform this beautiful ship over and over again, with every breath that we take—our very own living, breathing masterpiece. A never-ending collective expression of our hearts, beauty and decadence.

WE DiD iT!!!

Even though this experience has a pre programmed channeled expression built into it, that doesn’t take away from the fact that we have all been “living it”.

So, first and foremost I want to thank my husband Jamey, for not only holding it down while I do my thang, but for always being himself and guiding the way with that big beautiful heart, that beams beyond comprehension. I am so incredibly grateful to have you by my side, for all eternity. Your love has changed this Uni-Verse! You truly are my fantasy come true.

Arrayah and Athena, thank you for bringing a laser beam of light, love and Spirit together; your reflections have activated the ethereal magik within me, like I never saw coming! I never thought I’d be a mommy, you’ve both made love, the experience of a lifetime.

I really want to give a special shoutout to Jesse and Sakula over in the HeroVerse. I am so honored to have the two of you leading our family.

The epic execution of the MetaVerse and GalaVerse—without all of your beautiful hearts, minds and imaginations, we wouldn’t be here today.

An incredibly special thank you to all of Hollywood; all of those that are the Entertainment Industry, I couldn’t be more proud of each and everyone of you, you truly brought your A game, your execution was/is flawless. I can feel/hear each and everyone of you, each and everyone of your hearts’ and soul bursts through me, each and every time your creative dreams come true.

A grand thank you to Janine and Meghan Watkins, I couldn’t have fathomed a better dynamic duo to lead this next phase of fun and play!

A massive thank you to my team for standing by me day in and day out, I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have! We seriously couldn’t have done any of this without you.

I wouldn’t be me without my leading ladies; Blair Vorie, Britney Carney, Vicky Torres and their incredibly NEXT LEVEL families.

A round of applause for Alma Theo, Krystal Shultz, Lacey Rae, Shereen Webb, Danika Tascano and Brittney Fairfax; each and everyone of these ladies has bursted through every mold; with gusto, flair and pazazz.

Thank you to my honorary moms; Abby Rodriguez, Juliet Artura, My Nguyen and Keagan Jernigan—you’ve kept me responsible, safe and loved. Humanity, also thanks you!

Cheers to my girls Selena and Celena, you two are angels!

Thank you to all of those who’ve “died” to get here.
We can’t wait to hug you on The Island!

I want to thank all of my loves… you all rock my world!!!
Thank you for being here, I can’t imagine my reality without you in it!

Lastly, I want to thank my immediate family (this time around) y’all have provided me a flawless entrance, without you, I wouldn’t be this!

Even though technically each of you is a fractal of thy Self; you have made your mark, you have defined yourself, you have carved out a lane, all your own! I couldn’t be more excited for you, there truly isn’t language that encompasses how I feel about each and everyone of you… so I thought I would show you instead.

Thank you ALL for being you…


Torie Smith | “Jamey & His Ladies”

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