Hello, Genuine Storytelling!

I’d rather not go into how much “content” feels like a placeholder, you know those photos that come in a frame, that are meant to be thrown away.

The point is, a true masterpiece always births itself through the present moment. Nothing about photo stacking or assigning random ideas or quotes to an image is inspired. Nor is any one asking to be taught, told or scolded. I’m beyond over the unsolicited advice. Tell me a story, take me on an adventure, show me what you’re about, through artistry. Allow one’s imagination to extract “lessons” and takeaways based on their own resonance.

As artists we have the conscious awareness that every word we put out into the world creates a physical ripple butterfly effect. We are aware that we are releasing our Spirit into the wild, with every stroke.

Every thought, every word, every element that’s coursing through our being in that moment, from conception to birth, is encapsulated in every stroke of our keyboard/paintbrush/pencil. This is how much responsibility and cognitive innerstanding we are effortlessly putting into every morsel we create.

I don’t write for money… I write because the words won’t have it any other way. For they are alive and raring to birth themselves, always.

I don’t write to get paid… I write because I adore every aspect of life so immensely that I can’t help but rave about it! And then the money simply shows up.

I’ve noticed many coming to the finish line (!!!), ie the innerstanding that when we allow the excitement and the authentic passion and love for what we are expressing, to lead… the abundance is always flowing!

As Intergalactic Cosmic Conscious Superhumans, it is our due diligence to assure that all that we put into this world; every thought, every word, every idea; be Universal and intended for all, not to mention timeless.

When one reads our message in 10,000 years will it be relevant and useful? Will those who read it in 10 receive clarity, because of it?

Stay conscious. Stay classy my friends.


Torie Smith x Amanda Sage

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