13 Things You Might Not Know About Me.

I Am Not Your Average Fairy Godmother.

1. My given name (this time around)
My birth name is Torie Michele LeBlanc
Just one “l” like my Dad; Michel Normand LeBlanc (it’s French).

Torie not Victoria. My mom was adamant about making sure no one called me “ Vicky”.
Which worked out flawlessly, since my bestie is named Vicki, and we’ve been friends since before kindergarten.

Plus when I was Queen Victoria, I made sure that my daughter was “Vicky”
so that her and I didn’t get mixed up.

Jamey and I got married in 2016, and I’m honored to now be a Smith! 

2. A plethora of career options
As a kid, there were many things I thought about becoming:
An Astronaut
Marine Biologist
Physical Therapist
Brain Surgeon

Naturally I found myself at a private art school studying visual communications,
while I navigated my way through the fitness industry.

I want to thank Mr. Universe for giving me the opportunity to redesign his nutritional panthletes. For I was then able to walk myself and humanity out of “eating disorder” patterning.

I’ve never doubted my ability to do absolutely anything… 
but not everything has been up to my level of fun!

After school I played in a handful of arenas; casino life, marketing… I was super excited about moving to Australia to be in the magazine industry. I was so fired up to be the next great editor… love had other plans. (Awww such nostalgia for the days when I couldn’t see the future 🤣)

Colorado life welcomed me in ways I never could have imagined. I fell in love with an entire county. Everyone I met was the most interesting person I’d ever met.
Hearts made of pure gold. Even the ones who were simply visiting and passing through.

I’ve honestly never met anyone who wasn’t pure magick, come to think of it. Every person I know is an epic intergalactic rock superstar in their own right!

Colorado added layers upon layers of knowledge, wisdom, skills… Not just by my own merit but symbiotically I became a master in mankind. The level of expertise that exists in the Vail Valley is next level!

It’s been such a fulfilling full circle ride to be able to include all of my loves and passions into my internal digital art studio, that I can now share effortlessly with The Universe.

3. I am the Spirit
I’ve been obsessed with the stars, mother nature and elephants since the beginning!

Not to mention my Bestie and PIC most of this life is mother nature incarnated. 🦋✨

When Jamey and I fell in love, everything skyrocketed, 
I began to view this existence from a whole new platform.

It wasn’t long after having our first daughter Arrayah, 
that I first connected with HQ and resumed my rightful place.

4. There isn’t a rock, tree, entity, creature or god particle that I don’t adore,
cherish and love with every ounce of my existence.

It’s a good thing I am who I am. 🤣

5. I began eating organic when I was 15 years old 
out of necessity and confusion over the frequencies I was picking up.

When I was a teenager everything seemed like it came in a package, or at least the things my parents bought. So I started shopping for myself.

I often would eat and then just throw it up or simply not eat anything at all. So discovering Trader Joe’s was life changing, I finally could eat freely! (It definitely took a few years to release the patterns of the binge and purge.)

6. I am a social butterfly to the max. 
I also adore galavanting and exploring on my own. 
But I’m my brightest in a dynamic duo.

Triple triads and quad pods also rock my world. 
Everyone knows the party of five is where the masterpieces are birthed.

7. I won’t just dance to dance. The music has to make me dance.

I won’t just dance to a song, that shit better be next level, 
like take over my soul and deliver me to the next level!

8. I’ll never be a Teacher or Coach
Personally, I don’t see the point in them.

Team captains are about as serious as this life gets.

No one outside of you knows more about you 
and what you’re about than you. Not even me.

Everything that we are, already is. 
There’s literally nothing to accomplish. 
Simply enjoy the ride!

Every awareness comes from the innerstanding of our own personal walk and our individual relationship with our Galactic self.

I’m not into reprimanding, disciplining, holding others accountable or telling people what to do or how to live their lives. All that information is already in your presets and preferences. Each individual has the authority to redesign their own existence.

Plus, let’s be honest, I’m an entertainer at heart.

9. When I became a mom it changed The Universe
I never thought about raising children, and now I get why.

Children raise themselves, we’re simply here to guide them gently and answer their questions.

Independent children truly are the happiest children.

Kids have to be able to think, navigate and decipher for themselves. Parents can’t actually help or do anything for them. They can simply assist and play!!

Kids have to hold themselves accountable, not to mention be perceptive and take initiative for their own reasons. (We use a star chart system currently which works swimmingly)

Kids have to come to a place where keeping their space organized is because they enjoy it’s effortless fruit.

Parents have to remember that a child does not represent them, the child represents themselves. 

My mom’s only focus was to raise strong independent women who could care of themselves. And that she did.

My dad is the badass of all badasses. A Sea Captain, an epic athlete, and a rockstar building inspector. The level of professionalism, tact and ability to dream and adventure is off the charts.

Together, my sister included, I couldn’t have been birthed through a more flawless environment for me.

They never told me what to do, they simply allowed me to discover my truth for myself, while simultaneously leading by example.

10. I “work” behind the scenes at HQ in the Universal Energetic Complex
Discovering my position here within this Universe has been exhilarating.

When you’re consciousness is pinned in 2094 everything is magick and play!

Creating, exploring, clearing, redesigning and birthing this next phase for humanity has not only been a blast but an absolute honor.

The quantum leap we have taken Marilyn is so breathtaking, humanity is gonna flip 🙃

11. I don’t believe in “manifesting” because that’s not what’s actually happening.
A perception of “manifesting”; is a narrative point of view from the ground, not the Cosmos. 

One is simply witnessing their experience being birthed through them, 
no one has actually been making anything happen per say, they simply have the awareness of the elements at play within their experience.

Man looks up at the stars and ponders how do I get there?!
For myself the opposite was true.
I existed in the stars and have been making my way to meeting mankind.

12. I’m an open book.
Seriously, nothing is off limits. Full transparency is the only way to live. I have no secrets, yet full of surprises!

Did I mention I live on improv mode? That’s right nothing pre rehearsed. Everything goes down in the present moment, just like I like it.

13. I am Magick.
I am humanities Fairy Godmother, welcoming you back to your Galactic truth, ie Galactic Royalty.


Torie Smith | EMPATHIC GANGSTER® NFT Collection

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