Cool your jets, it’s not your turn yet.

Frankly, I found it incredibly strange anyone put rigidity, labels and language to something so effortlessly beautiful and organically occurring.

Why “try” to do something we already do organically?! (it’s like telling one’s self they need crutches to walk, when they can easily run a marathon). That serves no one, in the slightest.

I’m not gonna lie, I was incredible taken aback when I heard this “secret information”.

I imagined what I do innately + what I just heard, and immediately it felt manipulated and pre rehearsed… No bueno!

It feels so incredibly magickal when all flows naturally through the present moment. (I’m one of those who lives on improv mode.)

Question?! Why, at no point is divine timing an element being considered, when it comes to “manifesting”?! When it’s literally the key to innerstanding this entire experience.

Riddle me that batman.

The Galactic truth is, you can’t miss what’s meant for you, it’s impossible. You are literally on a track, everything is simply unfolding and there’s nothing anyone can do about it but enjoy the ride.

The opposite is also true, no one can make anything happen faster than it’s going to. Any other story one has been telling themselves, is simply that.


So if “manifesting” isn’t working for you… that’s because it’s not really a thing. Everything we’re meant to do here is already encoded in our being, our entire empire is already done. 

Everything we desire in our heart is already ours, we’re not doing anything but simply witnessing the experience be birthed through us. We take the divinely inspired action we’re inspired to take.

So sit back chillax, have fun. We are on holiday.

Listen, it’s okay that we’re not “manifesting”, I know some of you were really into that idea, but it’s accuracy label is simply “refection”. The internal image of our truth changes, therefore our external reflection reflects this.

Look at like this, we’re designing our ideal experience in our internal digital art studio and when we consciously hit “print”, we then quantum leap, building a bridge that meets this new printed design experience.

Now that we have the awareness of the elements that have always been organically flowing through us, creating our perceived reality—now we can see how we have, and can co-create, within the hologram! 

Intentionally creating our energetic expression is our juicy; our sense of humor, personality, sense of style, the subtle and not so subtle nuances that are us

Look at us! We are the designers of our own realities. 

I discovered rather quickly, that I am this “magik frequency” law of attraction teachers are always speaking about reaching.

I’m also a real person.

From what I’ve observed, LOA teachers have not actually been connecting with people one on one. Meaning, they’ve had no clue who or what was desiring to be unlocked in the very room they’ve been standing in. The focus was on their words and “teaching”, building a business. It’s a combination of every god particle and idea coming together simultaneously.

There are no true teachers, simply students (unless we’re counting the universal reflective algorithm mirror that is continuously reflecting back at us).

Listen, all that truly needs to occur is for individuals to come in contact with the highest frequency, no words even need to be exchanged for the upgrade and symbiotic attunement to occur.

When someone shows up to a conference, they are greeted like “this is the most important information, you need to get this!”

When in reality, it’s more like “welcome, you are here, your divine timing has arrived.” That’s it, nothing else has to take place for one’s frequency to match the highest in the “room”.

There is actually no teaching necessary. The Uni-Verse within and reflecting back at us is absolutely everything we need to discover ourselves.

Self Mastery comes naturally with experience.

So please, cherish one another, look into each other’s eyes, embrace one another.

Allow the encoded gifts between you two to unfold, organically. 

For this is more than anyone can do for anothers experience. Because true wealth (divine abundance) comes from the friendships and bonds created within frequency, not necessarily the “information” exchanged.

Friendship is the future and the future is right now.


P.S. CONGRATULATIONS! Divine timing has arrived! You’ve just symbiotically connected with the highest frequency in The Uni-Verse! Anticipate miracles and blessings of plenty! 💋 .🦋 ✨

Torie Smith

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