Did I mention, he’s a she, this time around.

Everything about her is wild, magnificent and unexpected. The way our lives shifted before she made her grand entrance, was no different.

Jamey and I (once Radha and Krishna) our tale you might know for it’s as old as time, our songs are as old as rhyme.

In early 2020 a strong shift blew into our world, personally I’d just broke through the glass ceiling of “industry”and all was a whirl. Arrayah was potty training and discovering her independence, I was bursting with inspiration and power, truly hitting my stride when I was sideswiped; anger, frustration and an incessant nagging narrative filled my brain.

All seemed to be focused and aimed directly at Jamey (my ride or die, my bestie, my confidant, my twin flame). I was so taken aback by the overwhelming flooding sensation of such foreign feels, especially towards the one person in this Uni-Verse, I trust unequivocally.

I had to take a step back, “woah, how can I feel like this towards my best friend?” (you know how I feel about my besties). Arrayah and I took a trip so I could gather my thoughts. I had some incredibly wild narratives coming through, that took me to emotional places, I’d never seen.

I simply witnessed the narratives, rather than of acting them out.

I love how humans really get into the visual art part of experiencing feelings, they really get into it and give it their all! This planet is full of incredible actors and actresses, it’s been such a pleasure watching you all audition (even if you weren’t aware that’s what you’ve been doing).

Jamey has always been my end all be all, so on our trip, I was curious to discover why I felt this way? Even though my vessel is encoded with our relationship truth, everything that was passing through was begging to be transmuted into unconditional love.

At the end of the day I discovered we have an ethereal waterfall of galactic truth and wisdom flowing through us at all times. I discovered my “thoughts” are not thoughts, they are voices of real people and I was about to enter a brand new Era of Intergalactic Cosmic Consciousness and space travel.

As far as “why something happens”, I realized it doesn’t really matter that much, the point is having the end result, ie the relationship, the bond.

When we returned home, Jamey and I found ourselves closer, and vibing together, better than ever. I had chopped my mermaid hair up to my ears while I was gone (that first romp in the hay had me looking like an 80’s rockstar, let me tell you.)

Experiencing the feelings, I don’t typically experience was quite insightful. Not only did it allow me to see parts of Jamey and myself I couldn’t quite relate to. It allowed me to clean and clear out even the murkiest of places within the experience (so all can breathe, see and think freely and clearly). Win-wins rock!

It was clear I was about to take a side trip into the depths of the womb. I had just concurred values, integrity and flow while bursting through the glass ceiling. “Now to master riding waves and flying through consciousness!” Little did I know the perfect guide to assist me was about to be birthed through me. Bringing the womb ideas I was already exploring, in to life!

Two days before my 34th birthday I met an Egyptian Soul Sistar, Brittany Fairfax. The night of my 34th birthday we went to dinner, Brittany joined us, and then we made our way back home to dose, chill and watch movies.

It wasn’t long before my head was in a trashcan. Bursting, shimmering streams of magenta and purple, morphing into blue and tiny orange foxes, dripping into a stream (or where they red pandas)?! I’m not quite sure, but immediately I knew 2 things…

A.) I’m pregnant (last time I threw up shortly after dosing, Arrayah was being created.)

B.) This baby is destined to be an Intergalactic Rock Superstar (the vivid colors, textures and illuminescent imagery, was as if my brain had transformed into a conscious-living-breathing-digital art studio).

I indeed was pregnant! She also waited until the day of her arrival to show us the bits, such a knack for the “SURPRISE!!”.

Immediately, I could feel that she was energetically (masculine and femininely) balanced; flawlessly radiating at zero point energy.

When Athena was 3 months old (back then I was still waking up to what I am), I discovered the characters she’s been—things got real.

Miss Athena Marie Smith, carrying many a star; Elvis Presley, Jesus Christ (and many others, including my little brother Ridge LeBlanc).

One evening I was holding Athena in my arms, all of a sudden we were drawn to the closet in front of the mirror. She paused, and I understood that the Spirit that was about to download into this child was one that requires great consciousness and awareness.

That this child comes with a programming that is to be cleansed and supported. That she was once Jesus Christ and that she’s excited to be your child, and I learned very quickly why that was.

Athena is wild, silly, sweet, cuddly, flirty and vocal. She runs the gamut of bliss and abundance, not everyone knows how to match and support that level of beauty and flight.

I’ve never seen anyone make flamboyant look so natural and effortlessly rad!

She’s cognitive, bright and fully telepathically, turned on. Most recently we’ve been closing the gap between the physical experience and the conscious one.

Her physical vessel will be having and expressing one experience, while her consciousness and I will be having a fully aware conversation about it. Drawing together the two awarenesses into a single flow state, so that her body and consciousness are vibing together as one, in the same moment.

I noticed that her physical body seemed to be expressing “outdated” programming, while her consciousness was pumping in the fresh new truths. So it would be inevitable, that her physical expression would be expressing Divine Cosmic Consciousness, like we’re looking for!

There is no doubt the dynamics of these “kids”, are here to bring us all full circle. Athena is adventurous, daring and quite the actress. Though she just turned one on January 8, 2022 everything about what she’s here to be is so crystal clear and gleaming in lights.

With Jessica Rabbit energy, a set of pipes that will take you into the next dimension and stems for days, I’ve seen visions of runways, bunnies and the color lavender. I hear laughter and see glimpses of splashing about in crystal clear waters.

But it’s her Ethereal destiny that blows it all wide open. A mystical wishing dragon emerges, coming to gift humanity with their truth of Galactic power, wisdom and magnificence. The gift of pure Divine Cosmic Consciousness; activating one’s abilities to live infinitely, to take flight, transform (shapeshift), teleport, walk through walls…

She has arrived y’all!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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