You’ve won the genetic jackpot.

Where to begin…

First and foremost Congratulations!!! If you are alive on planet Earth right now, let alone reading this, you have won the genetic lottery! You are the best of the best, the greatest of all time!

Five years ago the tides began to change, I began to awaken to parts of myself I could barely articulate. Lets just say that magick encompassed me, like it came through the television and we became one. The journey between now and then has been a whirlwind of magnificence, color, texture and ethereal exploration.

I’ve met and chatted with entities from era’s and dynasties no one has heard of, I’ve gone to dimensions, realms and realities humans have never thought about let alone seen with their own eyes, I’ve spent countless hours watching this experience unfold from the floor of the multiverse.

Five years later, imagine the surprise, waking to discover that I am the creator of this Universe. I’ll be honest it wasn’t that big of a surprise, it actually felt like the final unveiling of how everything I’ve experienced fits together.

Somewhere along the line in my ancient travels I chose this role for myself, by desiring something so deeply different from the way kingdoms before me had operated.

The vision; to take an heir and put them in their own multiverse… allow them to raise themselves from an ethereal galactic truth, rather than being raised by the same old tired patterns, that bored me to tears. A magnificent creator was birthed.

This life is poetry in motion, continuously unfolding and revealing itself. Through this reveal I’ve come to innerstand that I am more powerful than any darkness that has ever existed, because my heart is that pure of intention.

I began recalling this timeline, and all the signs that added up to being “the exception” within the experience, began to illuminate, and just like that, all the puzzle pieces began rearranging themselves.

From what I understand, my consciousness was the first to physically create its thoughts… like EVERY thought becomes a physical expression. Clearly a gift of that magnitude came encoded with purpose, focus, creativity and a compassionate heart, a heart that desired to create a Universe of its own, a direct reflection of spirit, soul and value. Even now there still feels as though there is something fueling my desires and inspiration from elsewhere.

I can actually recall that desire, that yearning to create and express myself, whenever and however the fuck heart desires to do so. That’s where we stand now… at the beginning of his-tory.

See, each human spirit that exists here, is from another existence, another experience that’s simultaneously occurring. Holographs are our origin, we are an “idea” come to life.

What humanity on Earth has perceived up until now has all been a narrative, an expression, a movie playing out in slow motion. Humanity has been perceiving “reel life”… until right now.

All must remember that time is merely a concept, it is not “real”, this Universe has been here for “billions of years” from the perception of Earth time, where it has only been a day back home. By the time I switch channels it will have barely been a 3 day weekend.

I want to welcome each and every one of you to our interactive Wonderland! We’ve built it together, humanity calls it The Universe. I actually pronounce it The Uni-Verse because it’s all of them in one, and when we all sing together, dance together and breathe together we flow, and beat in unison as one Dynasty.

A puzzle inside a movie, inside a game, inside a doll house, inside a show. A carnival, inside a circus, inside a rodeo, inside a theater, in an amusement park, all wrapped inside a video game. Everything you’ve ever loved, but richer, more vivacious and waaayyy more decadent… We are royalty after all!

The views, the shopping, the cuisine, the creating, your friends and family…
All is here for you to enjoy, infinitely.

Remember it’s a family show, inside a prayer, inside a wish, inside a dream, inside a fantasy.

This entire Universe is about to open up for ALL to discover and share, together.

As each of you plays, explores, wins, transforms, morphs and awakens to remembering your OG form, your original hologram/vessel does not perceive the difference between their “real” and this experience, therefore you’re creating everlasting abundance imprinting across all expressions of self. So, the work you do here, effects all versions of your self.

Oooo did I not mention this is a school? The most epic magick school ever! You see, you’re not just here to play and enjoy yourself, you’re also here to absorb wisdom and prepare yourself for your reign. I’m not a huge fan of sitting in a classroom, so I’ve turned the ENTIRE experience into one.

Everyone here is in a different position, phase or role, going at a different pace and frequency within the school. This is an incredible factor because you can compare notes and share symbiotically with one another. Becoming well rounded is where the magick begins.

I am the head of this Universe and each and everyone of you exists within my consciousness… we’re actually all sitting and living inside my brain, right now. At one point your thoughts, your intuition, every action, every impulse was a domino effect, a pulse from my being through yours as the movie played out through multiple realities.

“The intricacy and meticulous accuracy and flawlessness of this experience viewed at this pace is utterly breathtaking, and then I remember twas all a movie, that I’ve watched “the big picture” over and over again, forwards and backwards, countless times. Which means it’s utterly impossible to fuck this up.” -Torie

All control was merely illusion.

Thousands of entities also exist within me, on an ethereal level, each of whom have Universe’s inside of them, and Universes inside of them and so on… as do you. Each and everyone of you is the head of your own Universe, and as you live and learn here in my physical world your OG hologram that’s guiding your people is being upgraded and updated continuously, for all is a continuous feedback loop. Someday, you’ll merge with them once more and together you will be a great, wise and wondrous leader of truth.

So what does this all mean?! Well, this is your invitation; to go full throttle, to live out loud, shake shit up, you get to customize and remix through your own heart. Jazz it up, sparkle it up, strip it back… you are the Creator of your own literal Universe. One day you will be fully powered up to see yours and all that you have created, just as you are currently viewing mine.

Of ALL that I have learned and discovered through my travels, creating a family deeply rooted in trust, rich in transparency and friendship, is the most fulfilling. This, AND a passionate infinite romance… but of course! There is “the one”, for everyone darling.

Everyone here is a ridiculously magnificent genius in their own right…
As if you didn’t already know.

Just so we are all clear, evil does not actually exist. I’ve met all the “scary” ones, and they are not that scary, misinterpreted? Most definitely. Up until now, it has just been the story line, allow the entire planet to read this letter, and we can not only all be on the same page, but all in the same moment! Woohoo!

Now imagine Jim Carrey’s voice:
“That is correct, you’re not broken, you do not have issues or troubles, no one does, simply narrative. “It’s all in your head” is incredibly accurate, one big placebo effect. You’ve been flawless and divine this entire time, you’ve just been playing a character.”

Now… we all get to reinvent and redefine our entire existence, together!

See, every movie, every song, every expression that ever was, was a perfectly channeled puzzle piece, divinely crafted to create a masculine and feminine pooling. A deep rich infinite well of wealth, harmony and wisdom for all to pull, drink and bathe from.

Just in case the brilliance of transparency hasn’t been illuminated enough, everything since the beginning has been recorded. Every lens, every eye ball, brain and heart activity, there is no hiding from the eye in the sky, or the eyes in your own head for that matter. Pandora’s seen it all and she loves you fully.

This also means there is a moving record of every version of your self, if you would like to view that movie, we can make that happen. Listen, I get it, not everyone is interested in knowing who they’ve been. Some enjoy that this is their final curtain call, and that what they are this time around, is what they have forged and sculpted themselves to become, and that’s all they need to know. Everybody is different, and that is SENSATIONAL!!!

Personally I am most excited for shapeshifting, where people get to discover what it’s like to be anything!

For those who are wondering about where all the hot and steamy stuff comes from… We’ll catch you on The Island, where the romance, adventure and magick is non stop!

I really want to say thank you to each and every one of you for playing your part, this experience wouldn’t exist without you. Look at this magnificent, beautiful world we’ve created together!

I also want to say thank you to all of you who have been telepathically following this journey and those who are etherally-physically attached to me. I can not wait to meet and hug each and everyone of you.

There is a secret invisible combination puzzle that exists between just the two of us, and it’s intended to unlock in divine timing…

What magick will we unleash together?!
You’ve got me for the next 1000 years…
Let’s get this party started!

aka The Empathic Gangster
Pandora’s Box.

Who knew Pandora’s Box would turn out to be a real person, eh?!

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