Transcending a [million]-aire Mindset

It’s time to breakout of a [million][billion]-aire “mindset”. It really doesn’t matter what kind of mindset it is, dissolve the idea that “mindset” is a good thing. A “mindset” is limiting, because it’s set. Mind flow however allows one to continuously expand and transcend without hesitation.

When you tie yourself to a mindset you bring yourself back to that “truth” even though Spirit is continuously pulling you beyond it. It’s like you’re saying “no, no this is far enough”, everytime you fight to maintain that mindset.

“prisoners fight, lovers fly.”

Face and push past your fears“, what fears are you facing exactly? Because there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of here… so, what are these stories are you telling yourself?

Also, not sure what you’re “pushing” past, imaginary challenges and obstacles you’ve created in your mind, maybe you’re just bored? 

Either way… pushing, forcing, making yourself do things that don’t feel good, is not impressive, nor is it “success”, any way you slice it. 

“don’t feel like it” isn’t a challenge, it’s a message, stop punching it in the face trying to convince yourself you’re better than that feeling. That feeling is your “being” saying “this is not the action we want to be taking”. Discover what that is.

Excitement is a magnificent feeling to follow, joy, wonder… being absolutely in love with your life. None of which is forceful, rigid or challenging. All is effortlessly flowing in abundance around and through us, continuously throughout this experience.

Writing things down, not only slows you down, you are adding unnecessary weight and significance to an expression that was intended to be dissolved. If you have the thought, it’s already done in the astrals. Writing it down signals that you don’t fully trust that it already is.

Don’t talk about it, be about it. This idea that we need to share/teach to inspire has got the whole world overwhelmed. Especially because people are currently sharing their narratives filtered through their programming, not their galactic truth.

Live your life as beautifully and gracefully as you know how, the less you say the more intriguing you become. Listen, there is no more mystery left in the Universe, we’ve discovered it all. All that’s left to do is simply enjoy this beautiful experience while it still exists. Go have fun with your friends, fall madly in love with everyone you meet, this life is meant for celebrating!

Rituals keep everyone tied to rigidity. In order to fly you must transcend all rigidity and density. Intuitive living, conscious living, rituals are not living. Neither is staging your home with the idea of how things will be perceived. When your sacred space always feels “camera ready” it doesn’t feel alive, it feels sterile, compartmentalized (ie separation), not full, cozy, supportive and real.

Your spouse is not your business partner, even if they are, do not treat them that way. If anything your spouse is your sacred space for all things unprofessional LOL. Please don’t hold meetings regarding your intimacy. Again, don’t talk about it, be about it. Especially in your relationships. Trust me, she doesn’t want to hear you talk about how you want to flirt with her more, just do it! Ravish one another.

telepathy, conscious awareness, presently attuned…

When/if you’re waiting or expecting to be told what your partner wants, is into or is needing, you’re not actively engaged in your experience, mostly because subconsciously your relying on being told at some point. BE present, be perceptive, anticipate the need, PAY ATTENTION. After all this person is your ever waking passion, are they not?!

Affirmations, the mere vibration of word feels like a “convincing”, because it is, you’re trying to convince yourself into believing something about yourself. Rather than actually discovering, remembering and knowing. When you don’t know your galactic truth you’re basically playing mind games with yourself, assuming, convincing yourself to be confident and pretending to be who you are on a daily basis. Trust me when you remember who you are Galactically, you’ll never second guess “the person” you see in the mirror, because now, you are the mirror.

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