Hollywood’s Spiritual Advisor

Marrying Old Hollywood Vibes with the Future of the Galaxy…

seamlessly blended
with fun, fresh, feisty, fierce swagger…
it’s fabulously flawless darling!!

fun fact: This is our 3000 lifetime…
So, when I say we’ve been there, we’ve seen it, lived it, done it, felt it, been it, we are it… we are everything! There are 338 individual entities that utilize this vessel called TORIE. Each a genius in their own right, as are you. Each excited to shine and receive their chance to DO THEIR THANG, HUNNY!! We’re just as intrigued as you are to see what that entails.

What we mean by “Hollywood’s Spiritual Advisor”. First of all y’all know we don’t resonate with labels, but this planet has its own ideas about “organization”. So, as I once heard a supermodel declare,
“I want a spiritual advisor”… so it is. 

“Hollywood” is not necessarily a place, but an idea, a fire, a spirit, a feeling per say. Hollywood is BOLD, passionate beyond measure, savagely self aware, freakishly creative, stylish, effortlessly fabulous darling, kind to all of God’s magnificent creatures and did we mention FULL of magick!

The future is already brilliantly bright… just wait until it meets your stride!

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