The Galactic Truth | Galactic Royalty.

Galactic Truths Channeled through Spirit (continuously updated)…

Everything is flawlessly perfect always
a divine mathematical reflection of mother nature.
effortlessly expanding, expressing, filling, expanding, expressing…

We are everything and nothing all at the same time.
Sophisticated air vents for the Universe to simply express itself through.

A symbiotic relationship with nature, spirit and consciousness is inevitable…
All flowers bloom eventually

Time is a unit of measure, not a way of life.

Spirit presents frequency perfection
meet one another half way and blend into one another.

ask and you shall receive.

Even though we are floating in the spiritual, in “this” experience (which contains the physical)
one must aim at something. “I aim for a rainbow light body… therefore everything experienced between now and then, is simply a grand adventure!” -Torie

ALL the POSSIBILITIES, are your option.

The purpose of the mind is to keep one safe.
“Use your head, so that you don’t lose your head.”
It’s intended for tactical purposes, to keep one alive, that’s it.

Ā “Intelligence” is simply awareness.

Everyone brings equal value to the table,
it’s merely a matter of seeing it.

Everyone’s truth is true, from their point of view.

Galactic Truth is the only actual truth…
love, abundance, beauty, flawless perfection, pristine lushious royalty.

Once aware of Spirits infinite presents & collaboration in creation, brainstorming shifts to brain dumping!

Experience and expand…
The more experiences one has, the more aware,
the closer, to a complete rainbow light body one becomes

This experience is about love, joy, romance and celebration.

All is birthed through Spirit, Source and The Universe.

Source is Consciousness (Christ Consciousness)
Spirit is God with a personality
Soul recalls wisdom beyond the limits of time
And The Universe is an environment/a sacred space/a womb for life to be birthed
ALL is everywhere, always, woven through time.

Galactic Royalty that is…
13 Greek Gods. 13 Crystal Skulls.
13 archetypes shattered scattered across the Galaxy.
Remember who you are…

Those apart of your oversoul will feel like an extension of you… like you are witnessing yourself having an alternate experience.

Welcome to Royalty, hunny bunny.

XO Torie
[ Goddess Athena’s Oversoul ]

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