The Galactic Truth | Galactic Royalty.

Galactic Truths (continuously updated)…

Everything is flawlessly perfect always.
A divine mathematical reflection of mother nature [and each other].
Continuously and effortlessly expanding, expressing, filling, expanding and expressing…

We are everything… and nothing all at the same time.
Sophisticated air vents for the Universe to simply express itself through.

symbiotic relationship with all that is.

Time was a unit of measure, created for the purpose of travel
Now it’s visual appeal is all that remains.

“Spirit” resonates frequency perfection
become aware of her omnipresence,
as you effortlessly match her frequency.

“ask and you shall receive”

ALL the POSSIBILITIES are your options.

The poetic symbiotic relationship of environmental attunement,
Spirit consciousness and self expressionary art experiences within focused co-creation,
appears as intelligence.

Everyone brings equal value to the table.

Galactic Truth is the only actual truth…
love, abundance, beauty, harmonic resonance, expansion, reflection.

All is encoded within our DNA, in an ever revolving feedback loop.

A movie that has already viewed countless times, it’s impossible to mess this up.

Once aware of the webs infinite presents, combined with conscious collaborative creation, appeared brainstorming shifts to brain dumping!

There is a narrative puzzle unfolding behind the scenes, as one experiences, awarenesses are had and the puzzle unlocks and begins a new visual bloom.
However, the need to solve the puzzle is merely an illusion, for all is already done.
Enjoy the show!

Going full capacity on your holographic panel will allow you to float amongst the stars.

This experience is about love, joy, romance and celebration.

Galactic Royalty that is…
13 Greek Gods. 13 Crystal Skulls.
13 archetypes shattered scattered across the Galaxy.
Recall what you are.

Those apart of your oversoul will feel like an extension of you…
like you are witnessing yourself having an alternate experience.

This entire Universe (currently consisting of 13) and every entity in it is your family, never forget this.

Welcome Back.

xoxo Torie.

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