I am incredibly blessed to have two powerful, perfectly polarized parents… they created the perfect blend of nurture and savagery.

Pops is logical, tactical, a dreamer and lives to celebrate. He taught me to use my head, the importance of friendship in business and how to be professional.

My mom taught me the importance of having a relationship with faith, how to take care of my skin and hair and the importance of having my own sisterhood as a support system.

I am drawn to powerful Goddesses, the savagely passionate, the romantics… I love that we are like fangirls for one another! They love me, support me, cheer for me, lose their shit when they see me. Cherish the delectable wisdom nectar I drip all over them! My Goddesses, my Queens, my pixies, my babies… they love me the way I love them!

I am drawn to powerful independant Kings, The Divine Masculine have supported me throughout this entire experience, my equals, my brothers. You have allowed me feel safe to be myself, supported to me, guided me, honored me as a queen.

The day my goddaughter was born changed me.
I never thought about motherhood before, I never looked at a child with admiration before and my best friend, she just blew my mind wide open with the way she approached guiding her… She turned mother nature and the world into the classroom. I began to look at life completely different, for myself. Inspired by this child’s effortlessness to be both masculine and feminine simultaneously. A perfect harmony baby… I felt myself for the first time. šŸ¦‹āœØ

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