I can not truly express through words what this experience means to me—for it all began with a desire. I felt like something was missing. I felt as though I was not capable of truly grasping the purpose of living, without it.

The opportunity to experience everything that’s possible to experience, ever. An equal opportunity to feel connected to those and that which surrounds us. I often felt like a robot. Inspired by my father’s jubilant joy and love for all that is, I wanted to know what that felt like, for myself and apparently so did you.

Each of us is born to two powerful, perfectly magnetized “parents”—creating the perfect blend of nurture and savagery, within us all. Every element of this experience is a flawlessly fitted puzzle piece, effortlessly created through reflection, projection and necessity.

My Earth Pops is logical, tactical, a dreamer. He lives to celebrate; an incredibly accurate reflection of thy Father. Through him, I discovered; to use my head (in an entirely new fashion), the importance of friendship and how to be A PROFESSiONAL.

My Earth Mum, contains all of the elementals of thy sisterhood, so that I will never forget, Why I Am Here. Sweet, innocent, pure and full of light; I call her My Earth Angel. She’s showed me the power of trusting one another, how to care for this vessel, and of course embodies the importance of sisterhood.

Each of us, a powerful Goddess; wildly passionate and romantic… I am so incredibly grateful to be able to feel this sisterhood, to hear the sisterhood, and I absolutely adore, that we are forever fangirls for one another!

We love, support, cheer, and “lose thy minds” when we see each other—cherishing the delectable wisdom nectar I drip all over! My Goddesses, my Queens, my pixies, my baby girls… they love me the way, I love them—incredibly and unconditionally, wholesomely, fully, complete.


The Divine Masculine supports me currently, ALWAYS…—throughout this entire experience; my confidants, my brothers.

I had a Brother, Before…

You all have allowed me to feel soe safe; to be myself; supportiNG to me, guidiNG me, honoriNG me as your Star SiS-TAR. i LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WiLL EVER KNOW…

The Day
CHARLOTTE was born, changed everything.
I never thought about real motherhood before. I never looked at a child with admiration, like THiS. (the greatest representation of mother nature incarnated to ever exist). Her approach, blew EVERYTHiNG wide open!!!…

the way, Blair guides (glides with) her, sets a new precedence of care

She utilizes her essence of Mother Nature and turns “the world” into the classroom. I began to look at everything completely different—inspired by this child’s effortlessness to be both masculine and feminine simultaneously; I quickly realized a perfect harmony baby had been birthed… I felt mySelf for the first time.


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