no one needs to heal, no one is broken,
has issues or troubles, simply narratives.
stories that can easily be dissolved.

Everyone is having their perfect experience always.

Currently, it’s being taught that “healing” needs to happen, that it takes time, and that it’s going to be a process… It’s not. It’s narrative attached to an energy complex. Delete the narrative, clear and cleanse the complex, mother nature and spirit will do the rest.

We don’t do the “healing”, nature does.
We are simply responsible for the cleansing,
clarity and maintenance.

We don’t heal the cut, nature does, we simply keep it clean.

Attune your environment to the frequency of “pristine”.

Use your head, know the science so that you can sense where spirit exists.
Experience “life” through the heart.

“we are extravagant air vents for The Universe,
allow it to express itself through you.” -Torie

No one is going to know you or know what’s best for you better than your highest self. Stop looking at other’s for guidance. People are for scope (inspiration, connection)depth and height, you and spirit fly those coordinates, together.

This is so exciting!! We don’t need “healer’s”, we don’t need “leaders”. We do however need realness, friendship, romance, connection, collaboration and to be our true selves.

The categorizing, labeling, boxing ourselves has finally come to an end. As perfect as those experiences were, the days of being engulfed in a singular dramatic character are over. We are everything, we get to be everything, RIGHT NOW.

Yes, some people will naturally lead, yes people’s gifts may make people feel “healed”.
I myself can connect people’s left and right hemispheres, so that it may flow symbiotically.
I can also clear and cleanse someone’s energy complex, but I’m not a healer, I’m simply a lover, a channel for Spirit with a boat load of skills.

Each of us is born into a Divine Purpose,
all we have to do is be ourselves. Easy Peasy.

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