Guiding & communicating with those we love.

The loved-one should be the one that comes to you and asks for the assistance ie they open the door to receive the conversation.

First and foremost get an understanding of what this individual is asking of you, what role are they wanting you to play? Are you simply listening so that they may vent. Are they looking for feedback? Are they looking for guidance?


Obviously lay down all judgment, allowing a tender heart to guide you both. It’s incredibly important that we never assume, listen more than we speak and always believe what someone is saying. Their truth is true to them. Whether that “truth” is a narrative or Galactic truth will be easy to see.

Prepare your loved-one for the conversation that’s about to take place (the less dramatic the better). Let them know that transparency and honesty are the foundation of the conversation. And that what you’re about to discuss could possibly make them emotional and that you are providing a safe place for them to express that.

Provide them the awareness that you are going to be incredibly transparent and that in doing so you will both find clarity in how to move forward, together.

Let them know that your questions are not about anyone being right but simply about discovering the emotional truth that lies beneath the behavior, inevitably coming to a win-win conclusion.

In some cases: (transparently and neutrally toned) lie down the behaviors that are being exhibited that are not of integrity. Most often an emotion will present itself rather than words, as a response.

Allow the dissolving to take place while telepathically sending this person unconditional love as they experience (what could be a range of things: from guilt, shame, embarrassment to sadness, frustration or anger…)

Remember as it leaves the mouth it dissolves. Don’t pick it back up. Move on.

As an idea reaches the conscious mind, it is already done in the astral, there is nothing else to do,
all is already done.

A massive hug is an incredible way to neutralize the energy before the conversation moves forward.

They are a beautiful soul making their way to their happiness, everything they are experiencing is perfect and as their friend, you are not their to tell them what to do but to assist them in discovering their souls truth in how to move forward.

Remember you are not there to provide them answers, you are there to support them as they discover them for themselves, assisting them in asking the right questions, when necessary.

Follow your intuition, as you are both divinely supported… always.

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