13 Crystal Skulls | Hades journey “to hell and back”

At the beginning of the summer I wrote a post about a 3 day download I had received “Cracked the Code, The Bible and the Matrix”

Since then, more clarity around some of the puzzle pieces that were scattered about that download have come together. Including a detailed account of witnessing “hell freezing over” from a rather powerful healer friend who had recently discovered his DNA ties to the Masonic bloodline.

I had what seemed like a random thought (but we all know absolutely nothing is random) that day, I wondered, “if we are experiencing the 3D, 4D and 5D, how many dimensions actually are there?” 

This lead me to discover the 13th dimension and the 13 crystal skulls that reside there. Immediately I thought, “I wonder how many original greek gods there were?” With some swift searching trusty ole google I discovered that there were 13… including Hades!

And just like that my entire being unlocked; truths and awarenesses began to pour in…

I hear, “13 Crystal Skulls that sit at the top of the consciousness projector, 13 Crystal Skulls, 13 Greek God archetypes, 13 Oversoul experiences scattered across the realm”

“Fascinating” I thought to myself as I allowed the story to unfold before me… I had an overall knowing that Athena herself was the one who was about to share this story of truth and wisdom with me.


So Hades is in fact apart of us, apart of the family. At the time, he was sent to his own realm (became a fallen angel as some put it) he had a unique wicked sense of humor, one that most of us found quite obnoxious, he was a prankster of sorts, a “sneaky lil devil” to say the least, often perceived as disrespectful and rude. So we all agreed it was best if we sent him to his own realm, he was pretty bitter about it.

You see, we all have our own roles to play here, lessons to learn and experiences to have about who we are and this was apart his journey. He definitely seemed to allow victimhood about being sent to his own realm to fuel his bitterness but he definitely wasn’t evil, like he’s been portrayed, misunderstood for sure. 

In fact evil doesn’t actually exist, evil is simply a perception of the facade of fear within the duality programming. Humans really like to dramatize things, its like it makes life more exciting or something.

After having all of us around, to all of a sudden being in his own realm, he quickly got lonely, he surrounded himself in the version of love he knew best, fire, in an attempt to keep himself warm, entertained and full.

You see, fire was the first form of physical manifestation of magick, a true gift of love from the universe. The Gods try to take credit for it, but lets be real.

Hades filled his new home with this love and welcomed all who needed it to join him. That’s what humans don’t seem to understand, before “hell” (what humans call Hades realm) froze over, it was a refuge for lost souls, souls that wouldn’t allow themselves to experience love in life, they were given the opportunity to go to this realm, surrounded by love and magick, almost like a last ditch effort to have their soul triggered into surrender, in order to receive love in their next life.

Again Hades, his role, his essence, his existence had been largely misunderstood. He wanted to come home, to be with his family. He had come to a point where we wanted to take the things he had learned from his visitors and transcend victimhood, he no longer felt the need to struggle or suffer. He wanted to to express his new awareness, forgiveness and understanding to the family and to express gratitude for being given the opportunity to see himself, by being given his own realm.

He now joins us here (no longer a fallen angel) but a healed soul, our brother. We are all so very proud of him and his journey to “hell and back”.


After Athena shared this story with me, I thought “Wow, Hades has not only been extremely misunderstood, but might just be the most influential Heyoka ever in history! Kuddos brother”.

Beyond that, I really have no words for the perspective of love that Athena has shared, simply gratitude and a healed heart. It’s true, everyone has a role, an experience, a journey to walk and everyone deserves forgiveness, acceptance and love.

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