As one begins to take flight

I used to geek out on Psychology… until I discovered the mental prison in which I was existing because of it. The moment I deleted everything I knew about “psychology” was the moment I was free.

“To truly know this life, is to experience it through the heart.” -Torie

At sixteen my mom sent me to therapy. Before this, I had never even thought to believed that there was anything wrong with me. When I got there, I had to immediately cultivate a narrative that explained my behavior and appeased the adults in my life. All of a sudden I had a new limiting belief that there was something wrong with me, coupled with a new narrative that I personalized myself, this ironically resulted in behavior that was dramatically out of alignment with my true self.

The great thing is we are always having our perfect experience. In hindsight, my mom sent me to therapy because she saw herself in my “defiance” and didn’t know how to guide me. The funny thing is my “defiance” is my gift, just as it is hers, our unique perspective on the world sets us apart from the programming. I wasn’t actually defiant… just magick. I am everything all at once; curious, independent, imaginative, creative, fearless, bold and rambunctious. I can not be put into any box, because I break all the molds.

Everything about how this “narrative” experience played out however, was apart of my destiny. Even though it may have seemed like a misdirection or a set back, it taught me, lead me and inspired me in ways that inevitably served my higher purpose and innerstanding.

Not gonna lie, I’ve spent countless hours unlearning things that don’t resonate with my soul, at every step along the path. The things I learned through school, jobs, relationships, social programming… 97% of it was nonsense filler.

There was a subconscious programming intertwined within society and around the globe, that puts emphasis on mental capacity, analytical processing and “education”, a hierarchy of class defined and focused on “being smart”. Unfortunately for those who have been convincing themselves they are “smarter” than others are so far off basis. Intelligence isn’t real, it is merely awareness.

I’ve been blessed to experience all walks of life and the ones who believe they are the smartest are often the most out of touch individuals I’ve ever met, so caught up in this ego-ic limiting belief around their “intelligence” that they have become limited in experiencing the fullness, that is life.

I don’t know about you but being happy and full of joy seems like the actual point of this experience called life. I’d rather have impeccable awareness (true intelligence) and a life full of joy, and friendship than to be able to quote facts and analyse data, any day.

There can be a ton of filler, dramatic effects and entertainment in this experience, hence why attuning to ones higher self is pivotal, receiving guidance from ourselves, sitting at the optimal viewing point.

After years of psychology “geek out” I came to a humbling awareness… psychology is a never-ending rabbit hole that mostly focuses on “the why” and “the how”, a never ending rabbit hole in fact, that inevitably leads to more labels and more boxes. Don’t get me wrong, rabbit holes can be fun, but they are far too chaotic to live in on a consistent basis.

Psychology is mentally focused, a study of analytical processes, critical thinking, the analysis of the mind and behavior, it never touches a place of spiritual transcendence.

Contrary to popular belief “The why” and “the how” are the two most limiting paths we can walk down. These paths are actually the components that must be surrendered in order to experience true spiritual attunement with Divine Spirit and to create a life that’s full of joy and wonder, in alignment with our destiny.

Forgiveness and Faith actually provide our soul with more freedom and liberation than understanding “why” and “how” ever will.

“The how” and “the why” are about strategy, not love. If we have to think about our next move, it’s not authentic.

Psychology fuels this “need to know” this “need to understand”. When in truth “the moment that we feel that we understand, is the moment that God no longer exists”.


Our beliefs are the reality that we experience.

At no point does psychology ever lead us to realize that we are Divine Superhuman Galactic beings. Full of limitless technology and potential.

Psychology often focuses on polarity rather than unlimited potential and truths, which is…
Nothing is personal.
Everything is Spirit.
Everything is perfect.
Everything serves.
Everything is energy.
Everything is frequency.
Everything is a reflection.
Everything is a mathematical equation.
Everything is abundance.

Lack doesn’t actually exist, just the facade of it does. ie victimization perspective
Everything is neutral. (Unless we choose to make it personal.)
We are everything. “I am that, I am”
Emotions are neutral. And they provide profound messages, truths and awarenesses when viewed neutrally.

Often psychology focuses on “working through issues”, giving the issues more rigidity, density and meaning than necessary. A more powerful awareness and ability, is to learn how to forgive and let go, to alchemize and transmute all things, into unconditional love.

The labels and terms associated with psychology are often very low vibrational as well. Some of the terms even seem to be unnecessary in their existence, all together.

“Failure” is simply the judgement of our experience.

Everything is simply an experience with a growth opportunity built-in.

“Self-sabotage” simply a judgment of our process. Our experience here is perfect, always. Everything happens the way it’s meant to.

“Procrastination” a label and judgement of our intuition. Oftentimes our intuition is telling us that we do not have all the information yet in order to create the thing that we are looking to create, therefore we wait for that divine guidance. When we label and judge this time of wait, we call it “procrastination”.

Our narrative about our “past” reflects into our present experience (limiting beliefs and social programming included). Zoom out, see your life, see how everything is perfect. How all happened for you, how everything expanded you, strengthened you, held you and supported you in fulfilling your destiny. Abundance and divine support has always been present, allow yourself to see it. There are thousands of fairies surrounding us at all times.

Good and bad does not exist. Everything simply is, and is an opportunity.

Evil does not exist. Simply a facade of fear.

A mental analytical existence, is not why we are here. We are here to experience Spirit from a multi-dimensional plane, to have fun, to truly integrate as one. This involves getting out of our heads and into our hearts and dissolving our personalities, to become a pure neutral conduit for unconditional divine Source love.

At this point psychology simply seems like the understanding of how “magic” works, while spiritual attunement is the actual experiencing of magick. Galactic difference!

Our relationship with mother nature (Gaia) is a direct reflection of our relationship with ourselves. “meaningful relationship” is the priority, whether that’s with ourselves, our higher selves, God, Source, the Universe, Mother Gaia, eachother.

Frequency awareness within our environments and our food are imperative for Truth to flow.

I’ll never forget the moment that I attuned with Mother Gaia…
“I began feeling light headed as quickly as I began witnessing myself attuning to her breath. My consciousness synced with hers, my frequency, my heart beat, my entire being felt filled with her essence as though I was suspended in air breathing her breaths, with her.”

Attuning with our higher self and tapping into the ancient akashic wisdom that exists within the akashic field is our best, clearest path to spiritual liberation. Nothing and no one outside of ourselves is going to know better. Even a “psychologist” views and guidance will go through their own inner filtration and belief system, so what they are witnessing will never be 100% about you.

Once the perceived Spirit “world” becomes more real than the perceived physical “world” we have the opportunity to harmonize the two and dissolve all form. Initially it is perceive that we were standing between two worlds, witnessing them both simultaneously, as though we must choose one, select a path.

In a moment I discovered there is no path, there is no journey, there is no “I”, “me”, “you”, “us” or “we”. All form is an illusion, a false sense of separation. Even our bodies don’t have depth, for they are merely space and energy, as is all. Everything that “exists” is made up of more nothingingness than it is of something-ness.

It seems as though language does not possess the ability to express life in the true essence that life is. For language is flat and life is a multidimensional sensory experience. Is it this awareness that will sway humanity to its innate way of communicating, through telepathy?!

“Everything began to float, to become formless, weightless, not “real”.
The paradox that is life melds together.
WE are nothing and everything all at the same time.
For we are not “we” at all.”

We are everything
We are technology.
We are magick.
We are everything
We are limitless.
We are eternal.
We are one.
We are nothing.
Conduits for Spirit love energy
Air vents for the universe to express itself through


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