“Just let it go”

My sister recently sent me this quote and immediately I was intrigued,
not only do I know a lot of empaths who experience this draining energetic ride…

I myself used to experience it often, and it felt incredibly dramatic and incredibly frustrating. [I will say, in hindsight the drama was definitely heightened days following alcohol consumption]

Intrigued, I sat with these words, felt their vibration and patterns began to emerge.

When we flip back and forth between being aligned with fear or aligned with love (because we can’t be aligned with both at the same time) we experience opposite realities, what feels like simultaneously.

When we’re aligned with fear we feel lazy, chronic fatigue, have occasional panic attacks and “hate people”.


When we’re plugged into love we feel energetic, yet chill and love our friends!

The great thing is we get to choose to which we align with.

I had to stop judging myself and start trusting and loving myself unconditionally, as I do my family and friends… I had to truly surrender, allow all density to flow out and plug into love.


At this point we have all been feeling this rebalancing of the masculine and feminine.

My dreams are something that provide me a lot of insight when it comes to understanding the programmings that are currently at play and being released, as well as the lessons to which we are experiencing.

Recently I had a dream about the patriarchy taking themselves down, they had alienated themselves from all divine feminine womb love and found themselves on two ships fighting one another, as they both went down in flames.

I woke up feeling like I pure conduit of divine spirit’s unconditional love energy. Immediately a documentary I had been seeing on Gaia popped into my head “becoming nobody”. The title alone is exactly how I felt, like I am not me a personality but a true neutral conduit for divine source love.   

As I was watching this documentary, something really interesting about working through our “issues” was mentioned. The gentleman asked his guru how to work through his issues more efficiently and the guru said “just let them go”, “why would you work through them? Just let them go”.

The point was that working through them, makes them into something that they don’t need to be. And that we are capable of simply letting them go without having to find the root cause of anything. Basically surrendering the analytical mind and ego of needing to understand and simply allowing the heart to forgive and let it all go.

Not only did this truth resonate within my soul, my brain understood its practicality…
If our ego needs to understand, true faith does not exist.

I have always loved the saying “the moment we understand, is the moment God is no longer present”… I truly felt this, in this moment.

True healing doesn’t come from our mind, it comes from our heart, the most powerful organ in our body.

“Just let it go”.

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