The Heyoka Empath | “the joker”

Often referred to as the sacred clown or the fool, the Heyoka is considered the most powerful empath. Their gifts are impactfully undeniable, however their journey here, can be rather challenging.

Photo Credit: Kirby Sattler

Heyoka are typically men but some woman have Heyoka in them and therefore must walk the path of becoming. These individuals have received the greatest possible vision, that of a Thunder “being” Bird. Their perspective on the world, is like no other.

Originally a Heyoka would be raised and groomed to understand their role, in this moment in time however, these beings experience a profound, often jaring, awakening process. Due to the intense patriarchal programming that has been living amongst humanity, they often struggle with the value their ego finds within their shadow.

A Heyoka mirrors the foolishness within the viewer. Therefore without humility, the Heyoka can lose grounding and their personality escalates to what is perceived as narcissistic.

The Unawakened Heyoka [ aligned with fear ]
When unawakened, the Heyoka faces extreme inner duality conflict between their innate gift of childlike wonderment and the ego-ic foolishness that attracts attention. This inner conflict is often expressed through anger out busts, manipulation and defensiveness. This inner conflict often invokes insecurity and a deep seeded desire to feel special, even though they already are. 

Seen as “extremist”, the unawakened Heyoka gets lost in their own hype, chaos makes them feel at home, vulnerability makes them feel weak, they easily get lost in their own alter ego, they thrive off shock value and anger (or acting a fool) is there go-to form of expression.

Their childlike essence and spirit creates an innate intrigue from peers and their presence is often intoxicating and attracts attention without even trying. They are so persuasive and manipulative that they even persuade themselves into believing that their way of being, is always the best. They have often convinced themselves that ‘negative’ attention is still good attention.

Because the Heyoka is so magnificent and powerful, it often takes an earth-shattering humbling experience to crack them open to get them to a point of surrender. The amount of forgiveness they must culminate for themselves and others is like no others’ experience of understanding.

When it comes to their awakening process, they need space to allow The Universe to teach them the lessons they are meant to learn without any outside pressure, they must do it for themselves, not the fame.

The Heyoka has a deeply polarized path to walk, it is this polarity, they came here to transmute, in order to become their most authentic self. Their biggest challenge is often not getting caught up in their own hype.

Relationship with The Unawakened Heyoka
The twinflame of the unawakened Heyoka often finds themselves at odds with themselves over this connection, struggling with boundaries and their intuitive knowing of their connection. However, it is the inharmonic and polarizing energy that is the powerful triggering transmuter of density; it’s what’s necessary to bring both souls to true self. To say they trigger each other into healing, is an understatement.

The truth is, if your twinflame is a Heyoka, you are too. It’s important not deny the self that exists in our twin, even when their actions don’t make sense or seem repulsive, there is a lesson there.

Being able to see and feel their soul is an imperative part of our own healing too. The faith, the trust, the forgiveness, the unconditional love that is involved with this connection, heals both parties foundationally. We must find the compassion for their inner child that’s screaming to play and cuddle.

It’s important that both souls allow themselves the space necessary to heal individually, for each of you has a unique galactic makeup, journey and mission.

It is important to remember that no one else exists within our reality (world), even our twin, we choose to share it with them, but it does not belong to anyone else other than ourselves. We do not have the same mission, same path, nor the same following as anyone else. We must stop trying to involve others in our reality, they have their own world to rule.

The Awakened Heyoka [ aligned with love ]
The awakened Heyoka is the polar opposite of what was just experienced, the transmuted through unconditional love version… full of childlike wonder; humble, kind, extremely giving and loves to play and cuddle.

The Awakened Heyoka has walked a path of true pain, has transmuted extreme duality, density and polarity. The ego death they have endured delivered them to a pure state of divine spirit, humility, compassion and gratitude.

The Awakened Heyoka knows their power and does not waste its impact-fullness. They are able to consciously use light humorous energies to open people’s minds and to heal. To say they see life differently would be an understatement, they do their most powerful work by joking or tricking people, into seeing their own worth. Sweet humor is their guiding force.

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