Oversoul Sistars

Hi Loves!

When I first began my awakening journey I felt like I was incredibly alone, the things I was experiencing absolutely defied the reality that I had known my entire life. At first I felt like the things I was seeing, hearing and feeling were something that most wouldn’t be able to process and honestly that was pretty accurate.

However, I learned very quickly that discovering who and what we are isn’t about anyone else but ourselves, and that in reality no one will actually experience the things we do, the way we do, so we best embrace our unique galactic gifts and have fun with them.

There are multiple interpretations of what an “Oversoul” is, intuitively for myself it feels as though there are multiple pivotal archetypal souls that make up this holographic experience and each one of those archetypal souls has been splintered off into individual souls, scattered across the globe (possibly the galaxy) creating an Oversoul family, that together creates a specific whole archetypal soul.

In the beginning, because I felt like I could not share my experiences with those I was currently connected with, my soul sent out a desire to connect with my Oversoul family.
Excitingly I have discovered a handful of them so far! A great way to know if someone is apart of your oversoul is synchronicities; when I was first experiencing morning sickness at the beginning of my current pregnancy (and we hadn’t shared the news with anyone yet), each one of my oversoul sisters reached out to me saying they felt terrible, almost like they were pregnant or something but knew that they weren’t. One sister even said “I can’t explain it but I’ve been craving blueberry waffles for some reason”, as I was making blueberry waffles! LOL

That sister was Alma Theo, her and I are absolutely without a doubt Oversoul sisters! We spend each day sharing our experiences, findings, dreams and awarnesses with one another. We compare notes, draw patterns and act as sounding boards for each other. The wild thing is we are so completely polar opposite from each other; from our upbringings to our galactic gifts we have dual experiences, yet we complement one another in the most extraordinary divine manner.

One day we thought…
“damn, we both get so much out of these conversations
maybe we should share them.”

We all know there is SO much happening energetically right now, in the world, in the Astral Planes, in the 5D and you know me… anything and everything is fair game!

Alma and I started “Oversoul Sistars” as an IG LIVE Series but we both quickly started to feel like something wasn’t quite resonating, we both loved the idea of moving our conversations to YouTube, the energy simply feels more neutral and harmonic.

If you would like to watch any of the first seven episodes from IGTV:
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven

We love you all so incredibly much and are so excited to be sharing this Oversoul experience with you! XO Torie and Alma

IG Handles
Torie: @toriesmith.inspire
Alma: @unconditionallovepersonified

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