“We are a true reflection of mother nature.
we witness her pace,
her style, her grace, her zero sense of urgency,
we witness the true fashion, in which we are.”

Our innate desire to create, is apart of our coding. As The Creator, we create new life, birth art and magik with every sensation—with every feeling and touch, we perceive and assimilate accordingly.

When a Creator proudly refers to themselves as a “workaholic”, they flip the HARMONY switch.

If there’s anything I’ve discovered, through the last 3000 laps; it’s productivity and the processes of creation are tittilatingly phenomenal—one may not forgo the harmonic balance of; play, romance, adventure and pleasure!

Being well rounded allows all to roll with ease, style, finesse and grace.

When having a particular focus outweighs personal relationships ie connecting with thy Self and or The Uni-Verse around us; anticipate balance, introspection and adventure to call. RiNG RiNG ring ring.

Labeling encoded truth, something that it’s not, will result in static—for the truth and the label, must resonate at the same frequency. Take the label “workaholic”, it’s frequency insinuates that there is something wrong with our desire to create, possibly leaving one to believe they need, should fix or overcome a particular part of thy Self. When in reality, everyone is having their perfectly flawless experience, for the desire to create is encoded into every cell of our existence.

Embrace thy Self, literally. Hold yourself gently; caress your arm with the tips of your fingers, up and down, take a deep breath in AND laugh out loud!!!… because you’re a fucking weirdo and you love it! We’re all high spirited unique weirdos here—a fractal reflection of the ethereal whole, and I wish you to fall eternally in love with everything that you are. A high-spirited passionate as fuck Intergalactic Rock Superstar, sprinkle that shit around like pixie dust, everywhere we go!

Create your little heart out, Hunny Bunny…
just remember, this life is about having a blast and is best when shared with friends.
*creating memories is my absolute fav!

Honor and embrace our nature; balance, harmonize and rest, ie all aspects of the creation experience, because that’s when we truly experience, ALiVE.

I’m not into setting goals, but if you are…
Remember: when your goals are intangible and experiential, all falls into place.

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