“workaholic” or simply embracing our divine nature?

We are nature and when we witness her pace, her grace, her sense of urgency or lack thereof, we witness the true fashion in which we succeed. -Torie

naturePhoto By: @lawofunity

“Most of us have forgotten that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us.
So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, it means that we have lost our connection to ourselves.” -@lawofunity

Our innate desire to create is apart of who we are. We create life, art and magick with every touch.

“workaholic” or simply a divine being of nature who enjoys the experience of productivity and creation, and could use some adventure?

(-aholic) repetitive use of something outside of ourselves,
used as a distraction due to foundational fear of authentic connection with self.

Having a particular focus that begins to be used as a distraction from connecting with ourselves and the world around us; balance, introspection and adventure is calling.  Labeling behavior insinuates that there is something wrong with the desire to create, believing we have to fix or overcome a particular part of ourselves.

What if instead we embrace ourselves fully, all of our inner creator corks? Fall absolutely in love with the fact that we desire to be passionate and then sprinkle this love around in various places, through experiences?

Create your little heart out, just remember that this life is best when shared with others. When we honor and embrace balance, harmony and rest ie all aspects of the creation experience, that’s when we truly live.

When our “goals” in life are intangible and experiential, everything simply falls into place.

Personally, the only “goal” I have in this life is to make people feel special and have a blast doing it, God simply takes care of the rest. As for everything else, I already know that I will be attaining a rainbow light body in this lifetime, I don’t have to plan anything, or do anything but enjoy the perfect adventure.


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