Consistency dims spirit


The programming here has diluted humans into believing that consistency is the key to success and happiness, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Spontaneity and variety are the spice of life.

This limiting belief affects the human spirit most deeply when it comes to “consistency of personality” it’s unrealistic, unnatural and an imaginary prison to the human spirit.

As multi-dimensional, multi faceted and finely tuned chameleons, to strive to be “consistent” for the world around, shades and dims the opportunities one has right in front of them, to be their true and unique self.

Unpredictability is a super power. The more one strives to be a consistent version of themselves the more disconnected they become from Truth. We are The Universe, it exists within us and all around us.

If the Universe consists of multiple planets, energetic signs and magnetism and it’s constantly changing, moving, shifting, polarizing and retrograding… if we are truly one with our innate nature, we too will be ebb and flowing with this natural rhythm, never the same from day to day, let alone moment to moment.

To strive to be a consistent version of oneself while the rest of the Galaxy is shifting and expanding is proof of true disconnect. The programming tells one to be consistent in order to be accepted and liked, because the algorithm feeds off the predictability.

At the end of the day, each is the ruler of their own universe, we get to make it as fun and funky as we want!

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