New Moon in Leo

It’s a New Moon in Leo and that means change is here…
Photo By: @space_adventurers

In this exact moment my whole being is immersed in gratitude, in love
and in excitement!

The tides have turned, we have officially stepped up to the plate!

Those who have been leading before us are now completely unequipped to lead this
next generation of psychics!!

We have risen into our divine nature, we have healed to a point of no return, our time is here.

Never allow anyone to look down on you because you are young. Understand that we came here to teach them, to guide them and let’s be honest it’s about to be a humbling experience for many…

It’s time to step up and lead by example. Through our speech, our conduct, our priorities and we will do it in love, in faith and in purity. 🙏🏼💖✨

RIP to the days where it was cool to be a dick!

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