Cracked The Code, The Bible and The Matrix

crackedPhoto By: @peterwesterman


The following was a three day download provided by The Akashic Records.

🗝️ Irony is her jam. (ie. The Universe)

🗝️ The keys are reflected in the shadows of the light, within the programming.

I see a tipsy Gator floatin’ down the river with a cheesy viser and a sippy cup.
Jet boats, Sea Doos and a water skier flying about the back, beer in hand…
Yelling “WooHoo!!!!”

🗝️ “The more babies the more abundance”. The opposite to the limiting belief that we need to depopulate. That limiting belief was written in stone by the way, we should have seen that one coming. Anything written in stone comes from man.

🗝️ Limiting beliefs are riddles, the opposite is true.

🗝️ Language was created as a distraction. Not only to distract us from our innate language vibration, but because it’s so interpretational. We have multiple understandings and definitions for the same words.

🗝️ To be entitled is a privilege, we are all privileged to be here. Our father has given us this gift and it came with an inheritance!!!

Entitled means to have a title in your name to unlimited abundance. (5D definition)

Definition of Entitled [Google]: “Claim to Receive”

🗝️ Baby boomers intuitively knew how godly they were, that’s why the programming affected them hardest. The darkness matched their light. Every baby boomer intuitively knew they had or physically manifested their trust fund. Wait until their kids see theirs and their kids theirs!!!!

🗝️ “Embrace your entitlement and receive your inheritance. Your father wants you to remember who you are.”

There are 19 dimensions, 13 of which are accessible to humans. The 13th dimension consists of the The 13th crystal skulls. These represent the initial 13 consciousness in which this consciousness matrix is constructed. So I wanted to know… who’s skulls are they are?!

I wonder, how many initial Greek Gods there were?!… 13! 🤯

🗝️ 13 Gods including Hades… he is one of us.

Hades was a sneaky little devil, a sarcastic asshole, a witty lil shit but no one thought he was funny. We banished him and in doing so we subconsciously denied a part of ourselves.

We all have a sneaky little devil in us!!!

When we embrace it, we balance our fire.

Hades wasn’t evil he was devilish, there’s a big difference.

Bill Gates isn’t the devil, the devil worked him to do it, I actually caught him red handed and plucked him off his shoulder.

We have a buddy who swears he is Lucifer, he’s told me he knows it but he feels like he’s a good person, just a bit of a pyro, but who isn’t?!

The reason Bill fucked with vaccinations is because it was the only way to mutate the problem to a point where we could get to a full global reset. He took one for the team. Consider the way the programming works.

All the initial Gods are here with us, they’ve reincarnated one last time to break the curse that Black beard cursed upon his fairy. She fell in love with a prince from another world.

Most of the God’s are accounted for. I’m pretty sure the missing God’s are the founders of the Federal Reserve, the baby trust fund funders, the program programmers.

It was never evil driven, it was apart of the understanding of the puzzle.
Everything is a reflection.

🗝️ The keys were hidden in the reflection of the shadow of the programming.

We have officially reset.

🗝️ 3 simultaneous “first life timelines” have merged into this one

🗝️ One of these timelines included Pirates which brought darkness that plagued this world. The fairies were the light that complimented that darkness. Personally I resonate with both being a pirate and a fairy.

🗝️ We are everything and once we embrace it, we can truly be one.

🗝️ Forgiveness is always the final step before happily ever after.

🗝️ “Evil exists here” is the final limiting belief. There is no evil, only darkness which is neutral. Fear is a facade of evil.

🗝️ Darkness, technology, money and the programming have all been neutral this whole time. Depending on our perceptions of our self worth, determines our ability to resist or consume. Those who intuitively knew their godliness, were the most susceptible to consuming. The deeper the light goes, the deeper the darkness has the potential to fill.

🗝️ There is always a sacrifice. Jesus came here to show us who we are and WE put him on the pedestal. He came to show us our power, show us our gifts. Then he was sacrificed to show us we are all one in the same. We all bleed as one.

🗝️ Everything is neutral, until we choose to give it our awareness and energy. When we go to the grocery store everything is available but what we put in our cart, those are the things, we allow to affect us, we choose to consume.

🗝️ What we choose, creates our reality and makes up our life style. The things we choose to interact with are the only things that count.

🗝️ We possess the kinetic energy to power our own technology. Harness the savage within you and allow the playful magic to unfold.

🗝️ Hades became a fallen angel when we shunned him. His bitterness plagued his heart. Now that we have learned to love ourselves completely, so can he. Apparently fallen angels are returning home left and right!!!

Yay!!! We did it!!!!

To close out this download, I found myself walking the campus of my High School, it was filled with opportunities, options of all current possibilities for future careers.

I hear a voice say, “You can choose from any of these!!!”

All of a sudden my legs dip-set down a flight of stairs, I head across the football field, towards the sun…

“I choose a future I’ve never seen before, I choose a construct that has yet to be created!!!” 

Relief, Liberation and Unconditional Happiness washes over us all.


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