Shifting PAIN into POWER

Taking Accountability For Our Healing

Taking accountability and responsibility for my part in my trauma really shut off the victim tap that was subconsciously running in the background.

It’s not a pissing contest about who experienced more pain.
 The goal is to heal, so consciously be aware that you’re not getting too caught up in your own narrative.

Since I’ve come out the other end, I have received a lot of hindsight clarity on what was actually at play when it came to anxiety and depression and most of it had to do with the social programming that exists in the 3D density.

We are taught to fight for our pain, to rally around it, when in reality we need to be releasing its grips from our heart, not creating a deeper relationship with it… this a break up!

The truth is we are taught to complicate the shit out of things that are very simple. 
We are groomed to put everything in boxes, when the point of this life is to be free of them.

We’ve been trained to over hype our symptoms in order to receive a diagnosis to be labeled and prescribed. We have been lead to believe that diagnosis’s are chronic and forever. When in reality there is nothing on this planet that doesn’t have a solution. Between mother nature and the power of belief we can heal anything. If you don’t believe that, they got you!

Everything must come to an end and it does.

Unfortunately in the past, people haven’t had access to the knowledge they needed to heal themselves, but that does not mean it wasn’t possible for them.

At the end of the day it comes down to two things, do you actually want to heal? 
or do you just want to romanticize your struggle?

Because if healing IS your goal… lets do it.

I have healed myself from the depths of depression and addiction. Therefore I know that 
healing is not something that’s quick and easy, it’s why most don’t do it, but I do know that it is absolutely possible.

And at this point, I know that I can help absolutely anyone on this planet heal, if they are ready.

I am an extremely powerful healer, I know with absolute certainty the depth and power of this healing love that exists within me.

It is my purpose here.

But I can not begin to help those who are too attached to their own victim story. 
You have to allow your narrative be your teacher, not your identity.

Make that choice for yourself and we may begin…

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