Shifting PAIN into POWER


my husband and I have lost upwards of 10 friends in just the last 3 years…

This is PART of the reason WHY I’m so passionate about helping people heal their shit.

The other part is that BOTH myself and my husband ALMOST WERE THEM.

“To struggle well is to build strength,
we do not grow without struggle.”

Nor is the end result worthwhile without the struggle.

Photo Credit: @frazettagirls
Screenshot_20200215-101234[This is one of the most powerful images I have ever seen. This absolutely encapsulates that exact moment you conquer the fear and embrace the integration of darkness and light. The spider is the spirit animal of all animals, conquer the fear, stand within it’s divine being, accept its beauty and power and experience your Kundalini explode!!!]

Looking back at my life, I feel like an asshole for being so ungrateful.

Growing up I struggled internally far too long yet I also had so much fun and freedom and I feel like I was able to come and go and do whatever I felt like.

What’s also crazy is I feel like I have been so divinely protected and presented with the best most amazing people and friends anyone could ever have.

I recently had a soul cracking experience with a group of girls. I don’t ever remember anyone, even in high school, being that toxic and negative.

I might have been salty as a teenager but it was really only to myself, everyone around me felt like my saving grace.

Looking back, most of my angst and self destruction was really just a cry and desire for connection. I was actually literally starving for it.

I played the victim, chose to suffer, yet I bad a blast and had the most amazing people in my life.

As humans we desire connection but if you don’t think you deserve it or allow others in then that’s when “DISTRACTIONS” find their opening.

Our friends are our chosen family WE GET TO lean on them. So lean on them, I still call my best friends like I’m in elementary school and vent. Get all that shit out of your head and off of your heart.

Let someone who loves the most ridiculously amazing version of you, catch you!

If there is anything that I’ve learned, suffering in silence, will kill you from the inside out.

If you do NOT feel like you have a friends like this…
A. It’s time for new ones!
B. I’m HERE, I got you.

XO 😘

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