Understanding Your Gift

12 Reasons Why Most Men Can Not Handle The Raw Female Empath

Love itself often feels extremely difficult to find, leaving most of us feeling like there is no match out there. Female Empaths tend to be extremely independent, yet we long for love and really do understand the importance of a loving relationship.

Photo Credit: Android Jones

These 12 challenges can occur in any relationship but with a raw female Empath in particular, these challenges are 10 fold!

Raw Empaths are full of intense emotion and are still in a process of healing and discovering their gift, things can escalate quickly…

1. We have vision and are passionate as fuck, we tend to be a bit more persistent than most. We are not going to back down, when we want something or need something done we are not going to let it go. We always make sure it is as it should be.

2. Female Empaths often struggle with intimacy. Most of our lives we have attracted narcissistic partners because we are “healers” and think we can fix them. We reach a point where we’ve been through so many traumatic relationships, that we become extremely guarded. This is not always a deal breaker but if the man can not help her overcome this, the relationship will fail.

We need someone who is self aware, confident and has their own vision.

3. Consistency is very important. We will not let you off the hook if you do not do what you say you are going to do. We do not put up with half assed efforts!

4. Female Empaths question EVERYTHING, they never accept anything as it is, everything has a deeper meaning, everything is puzzle to be unlocked and a mystery to be solved.

Men, you’re involved with a “Galactic Detective”, you must be willing to accept this.

5. Female Empaths are more independent that the average woman, they do not need a man. They like to do things themselves and rarely ask their partner for help. You can imagine how this might offend a man who is not healthy and secure in his manhood.

“We want you but don’t need you”… is a reality they must be willing to accept.

6. It is all or nothing, we will NOT be with some who is not putting forth an effort or pulling their weight. Completely in or completely out, there is no in-between.

7. Female Empaths are way too honest for most, we don’t sugar coat shit. We will be as open and honest as possible and some just can’t handle the truth.

8. Female Empaths can see through your words, you can’t hide anything, your vulnerability, issues and insecurities are blatantly apparent. Most men haven’t done the inner work that is necessary to be with kind of woman and she will be able to see all of that internal struggle.

9. Being with a female Empath is intense and far from simple, it comes with a very intense energy and can be too charged for some. NEVER tell an empath to “calm down” it’s like telling them to stop being their authentic selves, you will become Public Enemy #1. If you can not handle the energies before you, PLEASE jump ship!

10. Female Empaths know what they want and what they don’t want.
We are not going to waste your time, we are not going to let you walk all over us.

11. Female Empaths WILL NOT BE CAGED. Female Empaths can not be fixed or saved, you can not protect us from who we are, we must overcome the pain of being an Empath and must learn to control our gift!

[Understanding your Empathic gift, is my area of expertise, it took decades of trial and error, but now I am officially “The EMPATH EXPERT”, I will help you understand your gift.]

12. Female Empaths can truly see the best and worst in people, they are able to see all the good and all the bad within you, because of this, challenges will arise. There is no hiding your issues. There must be a mutual respect for who each other is, individually, in order for it to work.

Commit to growing together and supporting one another in discovering your higher selves.

Every single of one of these challenges has presented itself in my own TWIN FLAME relationship. It takes a lot of work, a lot of communication and a fuckton of patience.

However, that being said, I’m going to flip the script a tad, because you know that one of my biggest pet peeves is when Empath leaders tell you what to expect and then just leave you in a state of victim hood to just experience these things but don’t actually teach you how to empower yourself to pivot and grain strength from your experience. 

Although I myself have resonated with all of these, it’s also a choice to continue to resonate with them. It’s like accepting these things as truths keeps us locked into a set of programming that stops us from growing into a multidimensional being, it’s a limiting way of thinking, therefore not truly trusting the limitlessness that we are.

The real truth of the matter is, as a Raw Female Empath you on a healing journey, if the partner is not up to adding to that healing and determined to provide unconditional love, support and stability, do yourselves both a favor go your separate ways. Communication is key here. She’s about to discover her true limitless potential, make sure he is ready for that!

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