Shifting PAIN into POWER

Depression | letting it go

Depression is something that has been exponentially affecting the western world for quite some time. Fortunately we have reached a point of break, individuals are waking, ideals are shifting, programming is clearing and the New Earth is being birthed.

As an Empath you play a specific role in this experience we call life; as a healer, a leader, a path maker. If you haven’t been loving yourself, it might feel as though you haven’t any light to give.

redPhoto By: Android Jones

The truth is, as a collective, we are ascending to a 5D consciousness, things are going to accelerate and ascend rapidly from here on out. We are being magnetized towards our purpose. This is a beautiful opportunity to truly dive into remembering who we are, why we are here and what our passions are.

As we are all pulled towards our new reality, we are being inundated with all the inner work we have done thus far, hitting us one last time before it releases for good. Remember that this is energy passing through, a neutral entity that desires to release, there is no need to attach yourself to it, witness it, receive its lessons and embrace the gratitude it leaves behind, as you blow it a kiss farewell.

There is so much beauty in us all, the future is the brightest it’s ever been. Depression will no longer serve a purpose where we are headed, its purpose has been served. It has pushed us to transform, but transformation will soon become a thing of the past, we will be transmuting in the future.

I hope that you take this opportunity to attune to yourself, to believe in yourself and to fully surrender anything and everything that is no longer serving you.

It’s important we understand the key contributors to this global depression, so that we may awaken to where we can take accountability and so that we can see where love can be sprinkled.

As you go through them, take note on how you can show yourself
more kindness and grace in these areas.

🗝️ Diet: Our diet affects us on a cellular level, our mood, blood sugar levels, the health of our pineal gland [which regulates our chakras and our hormones]. Eating a high vibrational diet clears up more than just our skin. We want to get as clear as possible, as gracefully as possible.

🗝️ Exercise: Moving stagnant energy through the body keeps everything flowing. Physical activity affects our mood and our serotonin levels on a chemical and hormonal level. We are as young as our spine is supple. Move your body, love your body, treat it with kindness and it will be kind back.

🗝️ Sleep: Sleep it’s a vital key to healing. Sleeping is partially about detoxifying and rejuvenating organs and cells, and partially about connecting to our higher selves and the deeper realms of consciousness. We can receive concentrated doses of downloads while we sleep; we can receive more information and healing in 8 hours of sleep than most accomplish “awake” in a year. Our bodies desire to wake and fall with the sun, due to our heavily distracted way of functioning in the western world, most of us are not attuned to this natural rhythm, that is life. I myself was a “night owl”, a partier, a bartender working into the dawn hours of the morning, for decades, and I struggled with the depression for all of it.

🗝️ Sunshine: The effects sunshine has on our body, our brain and our mood is like nothing else. As an Empath this is even more true, the sun is our charging dock, a power source for our physical, mental and euphoric body. Spend as much time outside as possible, feet in the grass is even better!

🗝️ Not living up to our potential: Allot people think they are depressed, when really they’re not living up to their potential. We are multifaceted, multidimensional beings, capable of creating life.

If we are not creating from our passions, being inspired by the beauty of life that surrounds us, experiencing things for the fun of it… what are we doing? 

{ this is a great journaling opportunity }

🗝️ Living a life out of alignment from our values: 

What are your values?
What do you stand for?
Is your life a direct reflection of these values?

🗝️ Is your day filled with joy and all the things that light up your soul?:
We aren’t here for very long. Every moment is an occasion to celebrate, to laugh, to dance, to play.

🗝️ Being treated like a number: The reality in which we live in, might file us as a number but that is not who we are. Part of our journey here is to remember who we are, where we came from and why we came here. We were hand selected to be here by Gaia herself and we agreed to work together to carry out this important mission of ascension. We are blessed to possess this Empathic gift and I am personally humbled to be entrusted us with this purpose.

Never forget that your soul is unique, it’s why you were requested to assist in the raising of the vibration of this planet, and lead it into the future.

🗝️ Trauma that caused a retracted aura: The strength of our aura is directly correlated to our inner health. It’s vital we have a strong and healthy aura to protect our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

If you have lived a stressful or traumatic life, a common side effect, is that your aura recedes or retracts. Our gifts, sensitivities and the way we experience energy, makes us extra susceptible to developing a retracted aura. When we experience deep hurt and rejection or if something or someone made you feel unloved or unworthy, it’s often an instinctual reaction to retract your energy field when trying to protect yourself from getting hurt again.

You may feel like you want to be invisible and untouchable. Having the intention of not wanting to be seen, is actually what causes your aura to recede. If you then desire to stay invisible, it actually becomes more than just a temporary state. Your aura destabilizes when it shrinks. When you withdraw, your aura dissipates leaving you feeling broken, weak and depressed. Therefore leaving you vulnerable, due to a weakened energy shield.

When we release any shame, guilt or insecurities and allow ourselves to receive forgiveness, for yourself and for others, we make room for love, joy and happiness to cultivate.

🗝️ Connection and a Support System: We have been intentionally separated and distracted from one another, disconnected from our true essence. That doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever, we get to create our own experiences here, cultivate our own realities.

The human part of us desires connection and loves to be supported. As an Empath you are here for a specific purpose, to release the programming that has been consumed by human existence, and to embrace the oneness to the stars that we all truly are.

Everything you have experienced up until now happened for you, to help you achieve this oneness. All serves a purpose and all has a message. Even “loneliness” was designed to help us discover who we are and to stop looking outside of ourselves for our worth.

You are a divine being of light and you are loved.

If you do not want to surrender and leave this old life behind, no one is forcing you to.
You are more than welcome to hold on for dear life, you can stay here and suffer in your victim hood as long as you want to, that’s the beauty of free will. 


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