Shifting PAIN into POWER


Don’t take this as though I’m trying to push you by creating fear but rather creating a incredible sense of urgency!!

There really is no more time to drag your feet… “shit or get off the pot”.

Depression is something that we struggle with as a culture, so STOP JUDGING YOURSELF. As an Empath you play a different role in society, you are a healer, a leader, a path maker and when you don’t feel like you have any light to give to others, that can absolutely exacerbate that “uuggghh” feeling.

Photo Credit: Android Jones

Here’s the deal you guys, we have ascended from a 3D low vibration reality to 5D consciousness, therefore the content of this brand will shift simultaneously. Things are going to accelerate and ascend rapidly, we are being pulled towards our purpose. I will no longer be dwelling in 3rd dimensional pain points, that once held us back, there will be no need. This is your last opportunity to really push yourself to remember who you are, why your here and what the mission is.

As we are all pulled towards this new dimension, we were being inundated with all the inner work we have done thus far, hitting us one last time before it releases for good, so hang in there, it’s almost over! KEEP JOURNALING!

There is so much beauty on the horizon. Depression will no longer serve a purpose where we are going, its purpose has been served. It has pushed us to transform, but transformation will soon become a thing of the past, we will be intentionally “shifting” in the future.

I want you to take this last opportunity to truly push yourself, understand yourself and fully eliminate anything and everything that is no longer serving you.

In order to truly lay things to rest, one has to fully understand all of its dynamics and feel through it, to transcend from it. I hope to do that with you today.

There are a handful of factors that have contributed to this global depression phenomenon:
As I go through them I want you to be EXTREMELY honest with yourself.

I would even write down the things that your not doing, so that you can apply them
and watch them create a shift.

This is an opportunity to understand yourself better, it’s a blessing and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

# 1 might seem obvious, yet clearly not obvious enough!!

1. Diet: Your diet affects everything! Your mood, your blood sugar levels, the health of your pineal gland, which regulates your chakras and your hormones. Implementing a high vibrational diet will start to clear up more than just your skin. You want to get as clear as possible, as soon as possible. I make it a priority to consume nutrient dense nutrition on a daily basis, it’s the FIRST thing I put in my body, every morning!

2. Exercise: Physical activity affects your mood and your serotonin levels on a chemical and hormonal level. The suppleness of your spine, is your age! If your not training for life, your doing yourself a disservice. I get up every morning before the rest of the family and start my day with focused-inspired-action!


3. Sleep: Sleep isn’t about dreaming, it’s a vital key in healing. Sleeping actually is all about detoxifying and rejuvenating your organs and your cells. You also get a concentrated dose of downloads while sleeping, you can receive more information and healing in 8 hours of sleep than you could in a year. I have actually woken up in the middle of the night and watched my husband be upgraded, covered in rainbow netting, watching his aura being healed by energy spiders. MAGIC IS REAL!! 

4. Sunshine: The effects sunshine has on your body, your brain and your mood is like nothing else. As an Empath this is even more true!

The sun is literally a power source for your physical body. Spend as much time outside as possible for the next week!

5. Not living up to your potential: Most people think they are depressed, when really they’re just aren’t living up to their potential.

Think about it, if you were crushing it, would you be feeling depressed?
Probably not, so what are you going to do about it?

Something you can start doing TODAY, is start eliminating things that no longer align with who you are trying to be. Seriously, get rid of the music, the books, the movies, the food, the habits, the friends, the ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that doesn’t support or encourage your best self. On the flip side, add in actions that will make you feel proud of yourself at the end of the day. I know for myself when I wake up early and go to the gym for some “me time” I always feel better about my day, myself and my vision.

It’s time to start remembering who you are and what the mission is.

6. Living a lifestyle out of alignment from your core values: This just feels shitty!!

What are your core values?
What do you stand for?
Do all of your actions coincide with these core values?

7. Are you intentionally filling your day with the things that light your soul up?: Because that is all you have time for. If it doesn’t make you happy, you should not be doing it. IT IS REALLY THAT SIMPLE.

What behaviors are you actualizing that you need to pivot from?!

8. Lack of Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Love: Part of your journey here is to remember who you are and where you came from and why you came here. The fact is, you were hand selected to be here by Gaia herself and you agreed to carry out this important mission. She blessed you with this Empathic gift and entrusted you with this purpose. Something about your soul is so amazingly special that you were asked to help raise the vibration of this planet and lead it into the future. I WOULD NOT DISMISS THAT!

9. Trauma That Has Caused a Retracted Aura: As an Empath the health of your aura is directly correlated to the health of you. It’s important to have a strong and healthy aura to protect your spiritual and emotional health, as well as your physical and mental wellbeing. If you have lived a stressful or traumatic life, a common side effect, is that your aura recedes or retracts. Because of your gift and the way you experience energy, you can develop a retracted aura, by experiencing deep hurt and rejection or if something or someone made you feel unloved or unworthy. It can be an instinctual reaction to retract your energy field, trying to protect yourself from getting hurt again.

You may feel like you want to be invisible and untouchable. Having the intention of not wanting to be seen, is actually what causes your aura to recede. If you desire to stay invisible, it actually becomes more than just a temporary state. Your aura destabilizes when it shrinks. Which absolutely makes sense, because when you experience expansion in your energy field you feel empowered. When you withdraw, your aura dissipates leaving you feeling broken, weak and depressed. Therefore leaving you vulnerable, due to a weakened energy shield. It’s time to dive deep, releasing any shame, guilt or insecurities. Allow yourself to forgive yourself and others. The future is bright but there’s no room for your extra baggage.

10. Connection and a Support System: As humans we seek connection and need to feel supported in order to thrive. Allot of people mistake loneliness for depression. As an Empath you are here for a specific purpose, to truly understand this human experience, in order to help guide us into the future. So remember, Everything you experienced happened for a reason, this includes loneliness, it served a purpose and it had a message for you. Loneliness was designed to help you discover who you are and to stop looking outside yourself for your worth. It was designed to serve a purpose, not to a be continuous state of pain. Remember “To suffer is a choice”.

If you don’t want to surrender and leave all of this behind, no one is forcing you to.
Go ahead and hold on for dear life, you can stay here and suffer in your victim hood as long as you want to, the rest of us will be experiencing bliss and unconditional love. It is your choice, but I hope you choose to join us and to THRIVE! XO

Now you should have a better understanding of what’s happening in the universe, as well as some perspective shifts that should help you work through these last remaining  3D pains with more clarity and confidence. Most importantly You should have some action steps that you can start taking to change your current reality… Once your feeling good, you will want to continue to hon in more on your spiritual gift which is why I created “Raising Your Vibration”. This will help you take raising your vibrations to the next level.

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