Shifting PAIN into POWER

Dissolving Insecurity

You might be thinking, what does feeling insecure have to do with being an empath?
Well, we can’t fulfill our mission here properly if we are continuing to hold on to it. skullPhoto By: @androidjones

We came to this planet to understand this human experience, to truly feel the deepest most intense human emotions that exist here. In experiencing, we learn to understand emotion, to transmute density into light, to transcend beliefs and in doing so we are teaching the entire Galaxy what it means to be alive. This 3D plane is the only place in the Galaxy where life is felt at this magnitude, with this level of sensory. It is truly an honor and a privilege to be here.

“Of all of the “experiences” we own on our journey here;
insecurity, loneliness and addiction are the top three that really ‘get us’

There are few important points to note from the statement above. Is it true? definitely. However there is a lot of accountability, gratitude and conscious transformation to be understood. So let’s break it down.
the “experiences”: Everything we have experienced was meant to serve us for the purpose of learning, in order to help others, to help humanity ascend.
we own on our journey: We owned them, we personalized them, we made them ours, we attached ourselves to them and we have to take accountability for the depth in which we allowed ourselves to play victim
that really ‘get us’: there is no longer room for victimhood when there is gratitude for all knowledge and growth

The truth is, that insecurity comes from being tapped into a frequency of fear. We can either be tapped into love frequency or fear, but not both.

As an Empath, not only are we experiencing a multifaceted, multisensory reality but we are doing so in a way that is elevated beyond “human” perception. We are fine tuned little radios with psychic abilities, we feel things deeper, more intensely and definitely more passionately than “the average bear” so to speak… Whether that be pleasure or pain is up to us.

We see this realm so uniquely, this alone can lead us to a feeling of not fitting in. When we’re not aware that we possess this empathic gift, we just feel different, not special. Typically causing insecurities and self-esteem issues to arise.

I remember thinking, “Damn, if I would have known that what I was experiencing was my purpose, sooner, the pain would have stopped sooner!” Which makes sense, because confusion often leads to fear. But the insecurity, the low self-esteem, the struggle with self worth, it was all apart of a process, apart of a bigger picture. I needed to experience this fear programming, so that I could understand “the programming” that exists here. So that I could then learn to detach myself from it, release it from my being and inevitably be able to live presently, no longer attaching myself to something that isn’t about me. The deep gratitude I have for this process, has no words. 

We are not victims here, in fact we all signed up for this experience, with the purpose to experience IT ALL, so that we could transcend IT ALL. We came here to create a new world, one full of love, laughter and abundance for all and that meant digging deep and really feeling through all the pain that came with being human.

So how do we transcend the density that we have lived through?

We must release it, personally detach from it and give it back to The Universe where it can be transmuted back into love. At the very core of who we are, we are the stars, an extension of the universe that exists all around us. Anything that is not this simplistic radiant love is not necessary, and you can allow it to dissolve from your being, right now.

You’ve heard people say, you can’t not do the work and expect things to just go away. Insecurities, often stem from a lack of trust within ourselves and typically there is a direct painful memory(ies) attached to that lack. It’s true, we must face our past, transmute what once was scary into love. We have the power to change our present and our future by changing the narrative and relationship we have with our past.

Below is a powerful way to begin healing our past… I call it The Process Pyramid

Begin by going to a quiet tranquil place, you are going to visually take yourself back to the memory in which to want to heal.

🗝️ Surrender and release: Allow yourself to feel the emotions that are coming up for you, let them all flow out. When I was going through my healing I loved to cry in the shower, I would visualize the pain and hurt wash away and disappear down the drain. I would stay there until I felt cleansed, until there was nothing left to feel. This is not about leaning into victimhood, but about shedding that which is no longer serving you.

🗝️ Time to observe and Reflect: Our journal is a best friend. Here you will seek to observe what happened, take yourself back to that moment, write down descriptive words that come up about how you witnessed this experience. Soon your higher self will start to show you where limiting beliefs and perspectives of an inexperienced perspective exist, continue to write down the words, phrases or images that are presenting themselves. Now, you want to shift your perspective to a place of love and gratitude, show yourself the understanding and patience this version of you needed and deserved at that time.

🗝️ Rewrite Your narrative: Up until now we were working on an emotional level, rewriting is about the subconscious narrative that has been playing on loop, in the background. You are going to rewrite a new, loving narrative that supports your greatness, that shows your inner child grace, forgiveness and the kindness they deserve. 

Zoom out on your life, see how there has been nothing but abundance, divine intervention and support. If you’re not able to see how abundantly blessed you have been around every turn of your life, victimization programming is still at play. And that’s okay, awareness is everything.

We all experience seasons and phases and everything is temporary, but most importantly everything serves. Including the phase of understanding low vibrational experiences such as struggle, challenge and pain, which we have been learning about in order to teach the Galaxy.

Just as we must allow ourselves to transcend from “healing” to “being” and living. Eventually we understand pain and struggle so well that we no longer need to experience it.
We then can allow ourselves to transcend from the phase of understanding and experiencing pain to a place of experiencing abundance, as this experience is just as important for the rest of the galaxy to understand at this multi-sensory level.
This is similar to that moment we truly understanding death. Once you understand what it actually is, you are no longer afraid of it, rather it’s a beautiful experience of entering a new journey.
I find it such an incredible blessing to be alive and to be apart of this time, when we are getting to experience the transendance; from experiencing and understanding pain to experiencing and understanding joy!

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