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“Loneliness” | How isolation actually serves us

Do you feel like you’re the only one who feels the way you do… like no one understands you, like your constantly struggling to connect, which leaves you feeling isolated and alone?

First of all, you’re not alone, in fact, all Empaths experience this phase of isolation and this feeling of loneliness just as we are attuning to who we are. It’s actually an imperative part of our journey.

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Here are some perspectives that will shift your understanding about feeling isolated, plus ways to form authentic, supportive connections.

It is extremely important to know why we’re here. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that we are spiritual beings having a human experience but it goes much deeper than that. Whether you know it or not, your empathic gift is the path you signed up for when your soul excepted this mission.

As an Empath our mission is to be the light, to illuminate a new path for humanity. We accomplish this by experiencing and transmuting the density of the dynamics of our epigenetics (environmental imprinting). To live this experience is obviously a lot more complex than that, for there are multiple dynamics and universal forces at play. At the end of day our mission is to have fun, to embody love, to create, to feel ALL of the feelings, to gain perspective and understanding, so that we may truly empathize with all life, while spreading light and joy.

Something I hear a lot of Empath’s say, is that they feel as though they don’t belong to their own family, that they are so different from them, that they feel like a “black sheep”, which makes this feeling of isolation foundational.

This feeling of not belonging to your family or that there is some type of separation there, that’s your intuition. You’re not like the rest of your family, in fact you came here specifically to help this “family” break their karmic cycles. You “black sheep”, are their angel, you are different, that’s what they needed… change.

When our souls excepted this mission, we also selected the family dynamic that would push our souls to evolve the fastest, the family that would cause the most compression, the most pressure that would cause us to awaken into the diamond that we are… the quickest.


I can not stress this enough… As an Empath, we absolutely MUST have regular doses of alone time. We have to take time to decompress, reflect and re-energize. More importantly being alone gives us the opportunity to develop self awareness and understand what our energy truly feels like, all by itself. Alone time is an opportunity and a very important and powerful one at that, one we can never take for granted.

Having addicuit alone time is imperative but that’s just the beginning of it, because the truth is, every Empath will have to walk there personal Empath journey alone, at some point. It’s a necessary and enviable truth, but it does not have to be lonely by any means.

Often Empaths feel alone because they think that no understands them and that they are the only ones who feel this way about the world. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve thought to myself, “am I living in the twilight zone, what the fuck is happening?!”

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone and you are actually right where you are suppose to be. There are at least a million of us scattered strategically across globe, coming together to support one another and joining forces to bridge this gap between worlds. 

The feeling of loneliness is actually an intuitive awareness of disconnect. When we are disconnected from ourselves, god, mother nature… all that we are, when we retreat, disconnect and suffer in silence, we experience “loneliness”.

Retreating, disconnecting, suffering in silence, those are choices and they are all actions… If you are not enjoying the outcome of your actions then you can intentionally pivot ie do the opposite.

The truth is we crave connection, it’s in our cells to do so, connection allows us feel seen, heard and valued.

The places in the world where people live the longest and are the happiest are the cultures that prioritize and nurture their connections. Spending quality time with those who see, hear and value us creates a deep connection of belonging.

Now, obviously as an Empath there are fewer individuals “who get us”, who we “vibe with” and who resonate on our level, but I personally love that. Quality over quantity has always been a foundational rule that I live by and it serves me very well. I’d rather have one friend who I can share my soul with, than 3 who I don’t feel myself around, any day.

I recommend putting yourself in environments that you find bring you the most joy and peace… Attending events and places that make your soul light up, you are more likely to meet someone who you connect with on a soul level. Plus if this an event that is “right up your ally” your more likely to feel comfortable and confident because these are your people, you have things in common.

Something I’ve realized about the version of myself I am in public verses who I am in my sacred space, is stepping into the role of the observer. I don’t say much when I am out and about, I’m taking in the life and the beauty before me. If I have a perspective or something to add to a conversation, I’ll do so, besides that, I observe, witness and connect patterns. Let’s note that this stems from a love of observation not a fear of connection, because there is absolutely a difference.

Empaths are actually quite social, when confident in their unique quirky ways.

I think sometimes we may feel alone in social settings because we don’t enjoy “small talk” and it makes us feel uncomfortable… remember you don’t have to do anything you’re not excited about, ever.


The quickest way to find your people is to talk about real shit that your passionate about, they will hear you. Again quality over quantity, I know society leads us to believe that this is a popularity contest but its not… It’s actually about authenticity and transparency, and it’s not a contest, it’s a collaboration.

When we find our people, it’s important to create ritual, preferably weekly, where you can get together, chat, connect, bond over the things that you’re into. Create something special, that is intentional and repeated, something you can count on. As the weeks and months go by, you will have created a connection with these souls that supports you, whether you are together or not.

When we ritualize, it actually starts to expand our ability to bring kindness and love to the table. The ritual of the connection carries you through the hard times, because you know you have a connection waiting for you… every Wednesday night…

Think about it, as Empaths we ritualize almost everything, so why would this be any different. We understand the value of ritual, it gives things deeper meaning, a deeper purpose, a deeper connection and there’s a reliable consistency. So when we do this with those who see, hear and value us, the space for loneliness, no longer exists.

As an Empath you will have to travel your journey alone at some point but to have this connection, supporting you, cheering for you, waiting for you… it will not be a lonely one.


Three things to keep in mind

🗝️ Everything we are experiencing is happening for a reason, this includes loneliness,
it serves a purpose and it has a message.

things don’t happen to us, they happen for us.

🗝️ Loneliness is designed to help us discover who we are and to stop looking outside of ourselves for our worth. It’s designed to serve a purpose, not to a be continuous state of pain.

to suffer is a choice.

🗝️ It’s hard to be lonely, when you love the person you are alone with…

we are never truly alone, we are continuously supported by our guides,
angels and universal forces

2 thoughts on ““Loneliness” | How isolation actually serves us”

  1. This is great. Thank you! I was literally just expressing tonight how much my life has changed and how I have lost certian connections and it is causing me to to feel lonely. This is good advice I will try and implement it!


    1. I can’t believe I did not see this, so sorry about that…
      Yay!! That is awesome! I’m so glad that you found this helpful, things really have been changing and shifting so quickly.
      How are you feeling now after implementing some of this?!


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