Shifting PAIN into POWER

How To Overcome Addiction | 4 Ways to Change Your Life

Do you feel like you have an addictive personality?

Like your constantly struggling to make the right choices?

First of all, you’re not alone, in fact, I have personally struggled
in this department for DECADES!

I’m going to give you the 4 things to MASTER,
so that you can start overcoming your addiction, on your own.

Photo Credit: @miles_art
I struggled with cocaine addiction, alcohol abuse and a decade long eating disorder…

So when I say “I understand”, I truly understand.

I’m going to share with you the 4 things that made the biggest impact in my healing.
At the end, I’m going to share with you my theory on what it is about “white powder” that has Empaths specifically, coming back for more, over and over and over again.

So, the crazy thing is we tend to choose these addictive distractions in hopes of “escaping this reality” when ironically sobriety and living a high vibrational lifestyle, does exactly that, it allows you to step outside this perceived reality, a place where your free to be yourself and thrive.

I honestly think addiction is a very normal human tendency, “we are feasters by nature”, this is why it’s so important that your not judging yourself.

The goal however, is to become addicted to healthy lifestyle choices rather than toxic ones.

First things first, we need to understand what drove us to choose this toxic path, what is it that we are running from?

Trauma, insecurities, escapism, peer pressure, judgement, lack of purpose? Once we can find the root of the darkness that’s haunting us, we know where we need to be shining a light.

What are running from, that you should be addressing?!

Typically, resolving drug addiction comes down to fear. Fear of facing it, fear of feeling it, fear of what life looks like without the numbing or the distraction of it.

The fact is Empaths are ranked highest for drug addiction and suicide. I know that sounds negative, but it’s really just proof that we haven’t been focusing on the right things.

In the past we focused on the symptoms and the drug itself.

But those aren’t the true problem.

That’s like using zit cream, when you should be changing your diet… the healing comes from the inside, not an exterior “band aid solution”.

Now we have the intelligence and the understanding of where addiction truly stems from and what we should be focusing on for permanent transformation.

The point is, addiction is an emotional issue that turns into a substance abuse issue. It’s just a manifestation at the end of the day. If we want to heal an addiction we have to stop focusing on the substance and its symptoms. We as a society have categorized addiction as a disease, but what most people don’t realize is Dis-ease is just a temporary state of being, it’s completely healable. We need to be focusing on the pain that’s triggering the emotion that’s triggering the substance abuse. If there is no emotion to trigger, there is no addiction or symptoms to treat.

So why do Empaths rank higher for drug addiction?

Plain and simple: Well we feel deeper.

If addiction stems from an unresolved emotional pain, you can imagine how much more emotional and painful it is for an Empath. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE.

This is why it makes me so infuriated when other “Empath Leaders” leave you standing in a state of victim hood with their insight. YES YOU ARE SENSITIVE. but that doesn’t mean that’s where it ends… you are extremely powerful, resourceful and resilient, just as much as you are sensitive, if not more!

To start getting rid of your addiction symptoms, you have to start shining a light on the darkness. I know it’s scary, but it’s what will transform your life.

Here’s what happens…

We start this life with a pure, free, joyful heart.
As we experience life we have trauma, hurt and pain,
but instead of processing it and dealing with it, we try to control the circumstances around us. If you know anything about control: the harder you grip it, the less control you actually have on it.

Then we stop using our emotions and start using our brains to cope with the regurgitating pain.

We start implementing “band aid solutions”, constantly searching for distractions outside of ourselves. The problem is you’re not just covering up your pain but also your covering your pure, free, joyful heart that exists beneath it.

We are constantly searching for feeling, even your distractions are you searching for a feeling.

We search for the feeling of being complete and fulfilled by running away from our feelings…

It’s such an ironic contradiction, that we focus our energy on all of these temporary distractions to give us a feeling, that we could have permanently, if we just focused our energy on healing the root cause, in the first place.

Instead we have created a replaced identity of ourselves.

All I know is “All the answers we seek, are within us” and we have to stop looking outside of your selves for healing.

This pattern is obviously extremely exhausting.

If there is fear connected to the dependency of the substance, (like when your afraid of not having more) that’s actually when things start to shift.

Fear actually sets in as a wakeup call… that “this reality” isn’t working!

Fear tells you that there is still unresolved pain.

I never thought about how talking about our problems, is one of our greatest addictions.

All it does is attract more of that into our lives, because we are focusing on it.

We have to break the cycle.

Addiction keeps you in a low vibrational state and lower consciousness programming plays out in loops. So in order to break this cycle, you have to starve the cravings.

Whenever you find yourself wanting to indulge in any kind of behavior that is no longer in your highest good, you must stop yourself and consciously choose to break the cycle.

“If you believe that you are a victim to your addiction, then you will be.”

Here are 4 Things to MASTER, if you want to overcome your drug addiction on your own.

1. LEARN TO SURRENDER, set your intentions to “Break the Cycle”: It’s time to starve those cravings. Have realistic expectations about what is about to happen. If you know what’s coming it’s allot easier to ride the wave. Your entire body is about to crash on a chemical and hormonal level. That’s okay, that’s expected but be prepared ahead of time. If you need to have some cbd on hand for body aches and pain, have that ready. First and foremost, I would journal everything, work through the process, put words to the discomfort. Second, have enough alkaline water and green juice on hand to get you through the detox process. Take an epsom salt bath daily to help you draw out toxins and immunities. Get as much sleep as you need to.

2. Know how to process trauma and reframe it for permanent healing: This is a skill that once you learn it, then you can apply to any pain or fear that exists.

The Process Pyramid allows you to take your pain or your root trauma, face it, process it, reframe the limiting belief behind it and move forward and have lasting transformation.


3. Know that you are not your thoughts, you are the one who witnesses your thoughts: Remember you have the power to drive your thoughts in the direction that’s most beneficial for you. We tend to get caught up in what we are thinking. I remember just wanting to do enough cocaine to just not be able to focus on any thought. If I would have known that my thoughts weren’t mine, that would have changed my entire position, I thought that they were the enemy, when they weren’t. I also wasn’t aware how powerful these thoughts were at manifesting my reality and that at the end of the day I had the power to steer them. By not realizing this, they were steering me!

Are your thoughts steering you? Or are you steering your thoughts?!

4. Create a deep sensual relationship with self care: When I compare the relationship I had with self care, when I was addicted vs the relationship I have with it now, the contrast is undeniable. When your numb and addicted your not living, your not feeling, your not connected to yourself and that level of sensitivity that true living and loving entails, is just nonexistent.

Living is about feeling and sensuality, being so connected that you feel as though your making love with the universe, manifesting your biggest and wildest dreams together.

You can not be numb to experience that.

5. BONUS TIP | Stop judging yourself and start understanding yourself: We judge ourselves instead of trying to understand our behavior. Become more objective and a better problem solver, this will allow you to stop being so affected by everything.

I do want to share something with you… if you are judging yourself, thinking that you are weak and you should be stronger than this… JUST STOP!

This “Toxic Addiction Cycle” is something that has been cast into our society with intention. [Remember self love is the biggest middle finger of all time!]

So what it is about “white powder” that has Empaths specifically, coming back for more, over and over and over again?!

Well, I personally think (based on real life observation and 1000’s of conversations) that “white powder” calls to Empaths in a specific kind of way, because it’s leading us to a place of deep self reflection and eventually, salvation. The universe loves irony and in most cases the darkness leads us to the light. Just as narcissists lead us to our self worth.

If you follow the “white powder”, it leads you “in sin”, to a place of reflection and eventually salvation.

You might be thinking, what the hell does that mean? Well think about it, if the white powder calls to you, you follow it. When your done, all you have left, is you staring back at yourself in a mirror.

At the same time, it did something to your brain and the way it made you feel, that you have this deep feeling of needing to go back and explore that again…

and then at some point you get lost in it. You stop doing the drugs and drugs start doing you.

We choose to follow the sin (why? everyone is different) it eventually eats you up, you have no choice but to reach for salvation.

It like a ironic joke… You know, the Universe’s favorite kind of joke!

When I think of addictive “white powders” I think of : heroin, cocaine and ketamine to sugar, flour and gluten… its not really an accident that they are everywhere.

Something I had to deal with after this healing process, was learning how to have fun sober! Hell I didn’t even know how to really socialize without cocaine because I had been doing it for so long. I had always used drinking and drugs as a way to “let loose” or “have fun”. I’m a Gemini, I’m very black and white, I had wired my brain, that sober was “work time” and drinking and drugs was “fun time”. So once drugs an alcohol were no longer apart of my life, I didn’t know what “fun time” even looked like, most importantly felt like.

The fact of the matter was, I’d been using substances to facilitate my “fun” since I was 10. So I had to go all the way back, to my childhood to rediscover what fun, playfulness and wonder looked and felt like. Honestly, I had completely forgotten. Now, the more “child like at heart” something is, the more fun it is!

My business partner and I truly believe that some of the most addicted, are also some of the most powerful healers of our generation, locked up in their own emotions. This is why I am so incredibly passionate about teaching Empaths how to shift their pain into power. How to truly heal… Everything I talk about, everything I teach you guys, is all about healing and creating a lifestyle that not only supports your highest vibrational self but allows you to become the healer you were truly born to be, allowing you to live a fucking magical life… as an EMPATHIC GANGSTER!

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