Shifting PAIN into POWER

Releasing “addiction”

“I struggled with cocaine “addiction”, alcohol abuse and a decade long eating disorder…
or so I once believed.” -Torie

addictionPhoto By: @miles_art

In reality they were distractions I used to avoid getting to know myself and truly connecting with the world around me on a deep and vulnerable level.

We often choose these addictive distractions in hopes of “escaping this reality” when ironically sobriety and living a high vibrational lifestyle, does exactly that, it allows us to step outside this perceived reality, a place where we are free to be ourselves and thrive.

I honestly believe that “addiction” is a very normal human tendency, we are feasters by nature, this is why it’s so important that we never judge ourselves. We desire to experience and to continue to resonate with the things that make us feel good and depending on the energetic frequency of our environment, toxicity may feel better.

Desire to resonate with productive “feel good” behaviors rather than destructive ones. 

I know for myself, at one point I found value in the energetic frequency of cocaine because it was higher than my own. As I began to work though my limiting beliefs, shift my perspective to gratitude and release a lot of subconscious programming I wasn’t aware that I had been consuming, I began to notice that the frequency of cocaine no longer felt good. I had raised my frequency to a point of no longer finding value in its experience. Which was great because then I could begin to pinpoint the self worth beliefs that were still not allowing me to say no thanks. 

Typically, resolving drug “addiction” comes down to confronting fear. Our fear of facing it, fear of feeling it, fear of what life looks like without the numbing or the distraction of it.

Raw Empaths tend to struggle the most with drug “addiction”, which makes sense seeing as how they are functioning with a high level of sensitivity with complete unawareness of divinity and self.

The western system in which we live has also led us to some backward ass thinking ie we haven’t been focusing on the right things.

In our culture we focus on the symptoms and the drug itself, but those aren’t actually the cause. It’s like using zit cream, when we need to be changing our diet. True healing comes from the inside, not an exterior “band aid solution”.

Now that we have the intelligence and the understanding of where “addiction” truly stems from and what we need to be focusing on for permanent transformation…

The truth is we are multidimensional beings and our outer experiences are a reflection of a multitude of multidimensional experiences that are happening within us. Our actions and our behavior are a reflection of epigenetics from our mother’s womb, our childhood environment, our current environments, our belief system, the programming we’ve consumed and the chemical hormonal state in which our body is currently in, not to mention who we are magnetically within The Universe at any given time.

The energetic connections we hold on to, all timelines, lifetimes and our individual psychic gifts play a factor in how we are projecting and or experiencing our current reality… and it is always continuously shifting, healing and expanding.

Clearly “addiction” is more than “an emotional issue”, in fact it’s not an issue at all, it’s simply a lack of awareness, understanding and the ability to receive the love that we are.

At the end of the day, it’s a manifestation. When healing addiction we have to stop  labeling everything, “addiction”, “addict”, we are creating something to fixed, when we’re not broken, misunderstood at best.

Whether we as a society or the system has categorized “addiction” as a disease, it doesn’t matter, because the truth is dis-ease, is just a temporary state of being, one that is completely transendable.

We must pinpoint the initial pain that’s triggering the emotional patterning that’s triggering the substance abuse. If there is no emotion to trigger, there is no “addiction” or symptoms to treat.

Empaths do feel deeper and we are more sensitive but are also extremely powerful, resourceful and resilient, just as much as we are sensitive, if not more!

Begin by shining a light on the darkness. I can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be, everything is what we make it, remember the fear is temporary and necessary to face, your courage is what’s going to transform your life.


How we got here…

We start this life with a pure, free, joyful heart.
As we experience life we may have trauma, disappointment, hurt and pain,
but instead of processing it and dealing with it, we attempt to control the circumstances around us.

If we’ve learned anything about control, the harder we grip it,
the less control we actually have on it.

At some point we stop following our hearts and start relying on our brains to cope with the regurgitating pain. We start implementing “band aid solutions”, constantly searching for distractions outside of ourselves. The problem is we’re not just covering up our pain but also our pure, free, joyful heart that exists beneath it.

Our brains were never intended to guide us, but to support us and keep us physically safe. 

As humans we seek connection, even our distractions are us searching for connection. We search for connection with others while running away from the connection with ourselves…

It’s such an ironic contradiction, that we focus our energy on all of these temporary distractions to give us a sense of connecting, that we could actually achieve, if we just focus our energy on healing the root cause. Instead we create a replaced identity of ourselves.

“All the answers we seek, are within us”, we have to stop looking outside of ourselves for connection and happiness.


When there is fear connected to the dependency of a substance (like when we’re afraid of not having any more) that’s actually when things begin to shift.

Fear sets in as a wakeup call… that “this reality” isn’t working!
Fear tells us that there is still unresolved pain.

Even talking about our problems, is one of our greatest addictions. All it does is attract more of that into our lives, because we are focusing on it. We have to break the cycle of low vibrational behavior, which entails active conscious awareness.

Whenever you find yourself wanting to indulge in any kind of behavior that is no longer in your highest good, you must stop yourself and consciously choose to break the cycle.

“If we believe that we are victims to our addiction, then we are.”


Transcending “addiction” on our own

🗝️ LEARNING TO SURRENDER, set your intentions to “Break the Cycle”: When we set a heartfelt intention with The Universe our world as we know it begins to shift and align with that outcome. We couple this pure intention with full surrender and faith that it is so. As we follow the new signs and messages that begin to guide us to this alignment.

Because you are the one who set the intention, you have an idea of what’s coming your way and it becomes allot easier to ride the wave. Your entire body is about to crash on a chemical and hormonal level, that’s okay, that’s expected, prepare yourself ahead of time.

If you need to have some cbd on hand for body aches and pain, have that ready. Personally, I would journal everything, work through the things that are coming up, put words to the discomfort. Second, have enough alkaline water and green juice on hand to get you through the detox process. Take an epsom salt bath daily to help draw out toxins and impurities. Get as much sleep as you need to.

Be kind to yourself. This is a fantastic time to tap into the power of sound healing with binaural beats and guided meditation

🗝️ Know how to process trauma and reframe it for permanent healing:
This is a skill that once learned, you will subconsciously apply to any density and resistance you may experience.

The Process Pyramid allows you to take pain and density, feel it, observe it, reframe the narrative behind it to reflect abundance and then let it go, to experience transcending transformation.

🗝️ Know that you are not your thoughts, you are the one who witnesses your thoughts: Remember you have the power to drive your thoughts in the direction that’s most beneficial for you. We tend to get caught up in what we are thinking. I remember just wanting to do enough cocaine to just not be able to focus on any one thought. If I would have known that my thoughts weren’t mine, that would have changed my entire position, I thought that they were the enemy, when they weren’t. I also wasn’t aware how powerful thoughts were at manifesting my reality and that at the end of the day I had the power to steer them. By not realizing this, they were steering me!

Awareness is everything.

🗝️ Create a deep sensual relationship with self care: When I compare the relationship I had with self care, when I was “addicted” vs the relationship I have with it now, the contrast is undeniable. When we’re numb and “addicted”, we’re not living, we’re not feeling, we’re not connected to ourselves and that level of sensitivity that true living and loving entails, is simply nonexistent.

Living is about feeling and sensuality, being so connected that we feel as though we’re making love with The Universe, manifesting our biggest and wildest dreams together.

🗝️ Stop judging yourself and start listening to yourself: We judge ourselves instead of trying to hear our higher selves. When we become more of the observer we become a better problem solver, allowing us to stop being so affected by everything.


I do want to share something with you…
If you are currently judging yourself, believing that you are weak and you should be stronger than this… PLEASE STOP!

This “Toxic Addiction Cycle” was something that had been cast into our society with intention and self love is how we step out of the cycle.

Something I experienced after my healing process, was learning how to have fun sober! Hell, I didn’t even know how to really socialize without cocaine because I had been doing it for so long. I had always used drinking and drugs as a way to “let loose” or “have fun”. As a Gemini, quite black and white, I had wired my brain, that sober was “work time” and drinking and drugs was “fun time”. So once drugs an alcohol were no longer apart of my life, I didn’t know what “fun time” even looked like, most importantly felt like.

The fact of the matter was, I’d been using substances to facilitate my “fun” since I was 10. So I had to go all the way back, to my childhood to rediscover what fun, playfulness and wonder looked and felt like. Honestly, I had completely forgotten. Now, the more “child like at heart” something is, the more fun it is!

I truly believe that some of the most “addicted”, are also some of the most powerful healers of our generation, locked up in their own emotions. This is why I am so incredibly passionate about sharing this information on how to transcend pain, how to truly heal, how to live a life that not only supports your highest vibrational self but allows you to become the healer you were truly born to be, allowing you to live a extraordinary magical life.

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