Shifting PAIN into POWER

STOP Self Sabotaging Behaviors |3 Life CHANGING PERSPECTIVES

Are you sick and tired of sabotaging yourself?!
First of all you are NOT alone, I used to be the queen of self sabotage.
Here are 3 PERSPECTIVE shifts that changed the game.

Photo Credit: Android Jones

Perspective shift #1 : “I AM NOT A VICTIM” 

This realization changed everything for me, which is why its my number one perspective shift. I was in the beginning of “my mindset rewire” journey phase (In hindsight this was a Step I was experiencing in the Awakening Process) and I had a phone interview with a coach,

I started to tell him my story and all of a sudden he stops me and says,
“can I ask you an REAL question?”

Me: “of course, thats why Im here, to be real… what is it?!”

He pauses,

“So how long have you been playing the victim?!

This question hit me like a ton of bricks… it literally shocked my system.
I had no idea or ever thought that’s what I was doing…

“since I was 12.” just popped out of my mouth.

First of all “I AM NOT A VICTIM”. I know this with every fiber of my being,
so to get hit with the reality that I have been playing one for most of my life,
I was disgusted and I quite that shit, right then and there.

(Think about it, Where in your life you playing the victim? SHARE YOUR INSIGHT DOWN IN THE COMMENTS)

Typically we are unaware of this “playing the victim” so if you can call yourself out and bring it to awareness, you can consciously STOP!

Perspective shift # 2. “I am worthy” 

When you don’t think you are worthy of love, success, happiness… you name it.
You WILL sabotage it. It’s a guarantee.

I came across this survey that promised to reveal my deepest and truest limiting belief, I was super curious and wanting to understand what was STILL holding me back..

“WORTHINESS” flashed across my screen… I was not expecting that… at all.

I thought I was pretty confident, thought I believed in myself.

Then the creator of the survey, comes on the screen and asks, would you like to know some of the situations that happened to you as a child, that lead to this limiting belief?!


You always what to go deeper, understand better, have deeper clarity at and chance you can get.

Creator: “Did you have a sibling who received more praise than you but you felt that you were just as good or just as deserving of that praise, but didn’t receive it?

Me: “UM YES!” (being told your efforts aren’t good enough)

Creator: “Where you reprimanded or told to behave yourself or there would be consciences?”

Me: “ABSOLUTELY!” (being yourself or expressing yourself is punishment worthy)

Creator: “These are situations that have lead to limiting beliefs of not being worthy enough.”

We actually learn these lessons that then become subconscious limiting beliefs, all before the age of 7.


As soon as I had awareness of the situation, I was a able to consciously declare that these situations “no longer effected me or my self worth” and it was LIBERATING!!

Perspective shift #3. “I KNOW WHO I AM”

Having the clarity of Self Awareness is EVERYTHING!!

You know who you are, how you feel about everything and your actions align with your core values.

I know what I think and how I feel about everything, because I know who I am and what my core values are. If you know who you are, then no one else on the face of the earth can ever tell you differently.

That’s some MAGICAL shit!

So, now I just make sure that I check myself here and there.

I ask myself: “Are you following your intuition or are you self sabotaging and procrastinating?”

its a quick “hey just be conscious and aware” nothing judgmental or damning.

I personally think that the process of developing self awareness is by far the most important process that I went through in my transformation. It was especially important because I am an Empath, knowing what my energy entails and what it feels like completely by itself, without anyone else to influence it. That is the ultimate perspective reference point. Everything that comes in your energy field you will know its not yours when you have that ultimate self awareness… That’s Gangster!

Honestly, let me know down in the comments where you feel that you are in your level of self awareness on a scale of 1-5 .

1 being completely lost and 5 being ready to level up to GANGSTER!

So now you have a better understanding of the things that are causing your self sabotage, as well as some perspective shifts that will allow you to start taking control of it.

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