Understanding Your Gift

Energy Hacks For Empaths |Get Your Magic Back Fast!

Are you over feeling completely drained?
Are you wanting to get your MAGIC back… FAST?!

Photo Credit: @amandasageart
Here are my favorite Energy Hacks:
They allow you to get your magical-self back on track quickly!

Epsom Salt Baths.

Just a couple of spoonfuls of Epsom salt, dissolved in a warm bath great for clearing and recharging the energy field.

Preferably, soak for at least 30 minutes by candlelight. I personally, would take the time to say a thoughtful “intentional blessing” over the water before you get in. I would also bring some drinking water to have on hand as well, I would bless that too! Direct your palms toward the water and say, “Divine Presence, thank you for filling this water with vibrations of healing, purification, and love.”

Don’t forget to cleanse and soak your “Physic chakra”, cleansing the area below the base of your head.

(Do you have a “water blessing” that you currently use that you would like to share with us?! Please share with us, down in the comments)

I always love to hear about your experiences!!

Green Juice!!  

Your heart chakra is a vital power center for you. As an Empath its is even more vital! Consuming foods and juices densely packed with chlorophyll like green veggies and green veggie juice actually brings this vibration into our field and recharges the heart with precisely the energy it needs. NUTRIENT DENSE IS ALWAYS THE GOAL!!


Nothing bogs an Empath down like clutter and material overwhelm. If you declutter your home environment “Sacred Space” and work spaces, you will feel immediately lighter and more energized. How can you expect your genius to flow when your gutters full of junk?!

Essential Oils.

There are Essential oils that are specifically intended for energy!! If its citrus, spicy, minty, coniferous or herbal it should do the job! Tangerine is probably my favorite!!

Move your body.

The more blood flow the better”!!

Move your body frequently throughout the day. I have always preferred a physical job, I love the adrenaline and the cognitive function moving constantly provides and I rarely ever get tired. I did take a desk job once and I was literally doing squats and lunges every 5 minutes to just to stay awake.

QUICK TIP: If you sit all day, make sure you are aware of you posture,
just a small adjustment can make a significant difference in your energy.
Remember to pull your shoulders back.

Express Yourself.

Nothing helps you release emotions and the things that are weighing you down like expressing them. The method you use is entirely up to you; writing, painting, drawing, dance, music and good ole fashion conversation. Personally I would actually combine two or more methods, you really want to let that “thing” go!! My favorites are journaling and conversation. I will journal and then call my bestie and talk about what I just processed and “get that shit off my chest”.

Crystals to balance your Chakras. 

Depending on how sensitive to energy you are, you may have noticed that crystals are like little energy batteries.

Carrying, wearing, or sleeping near a crystal can help restore and recalibrate your energy field.

Especially when you choose a crystal that feels particularly healing and balancing to you. I keep amethyst and rose quartz next to my bed and a moonstone around my neck, in my pocket and on both of my hands!! Remember balancing your chakras is like balancing your hormones, nothing but great things comes from that!! Just ask my husband!

Go Outside.

While every single human benefits immensely from spending time outdoors in a natural setting, it’s extremely necessity for empaths. Absolutely nothing works precisely like nature does, when it comes to instantly balancing and recharging us.

A lack sunlight will absolutely affect your energy levels, so get plenty of sunshine, a minimum of 20 minutes a day is recommended.

Be alone.

We absolutely MUST have regular doses of alone time. We have to make time to decompress, reflect and re-energize. Being alone gives us the opportunity to develop
self awareness and understand what our own energy truly feels like.

Fresh Flowers.

We know that flowers do great things for our spirit, but I recommend you be intentional with this one. Specifically choose flowers that you feel drawn to, flowers that light you up! They will give you an instant burst of energetic refreshing. Flowers actually work on an emotional level to repair and reboot.

(What Flowers call to You?!)

Regulate Your Sleep Cycle.

We all know that sleep is imperative to a healthy, happy and energized body but did you know that the times you sleep are even more important?! Our bodies go through a detoxification and healing process while we sleep, known as the sleep cycle. If you wake up in the middle of this cycle than you will find yourself not in alignment with your best energized self. The important thing is to not be abruptly woken in the middle or before a cycle is complete.

Okay Gangsters, So now you know my favorite energy hacks…
that will help you get your MAGIC BACK FAST!!

Once your feeling good and energized, you will want to continue to hon in more
on your spiritual gift which is why I created “Raising Your Vibration 101” .

This will help you take raising your vibrations to the next level.

WATCH MY YOUTUBE VIDEO ON THIS TOPIC, HERE: https://youtu.be/d_oSnxup0aM

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