Understanding Your Gift

Grounding Techniques For Empaths | Never Lose Your S#*t Again!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and NOT in control of your reality,
like your on the verge of losing it?

What if I told you there are techniques to bring you back down to Earth, techniques intended to leave you feeling centered, balanced and grounded?

Photo Credit: @chapelofsacredmirrorsScreenshot_20190904-000413.pngEven when we are at home, in our own sacred sanctuaries, our empathic antennas are constantly being switched on, picking up emotional energy from the outside world. Because of this, we can become easily drained, consumed with lethargy and distracted from our true Empath mission.

As an Empathic Gangster, that’s unacceptable, we strive for the complete opposite!

So how do we win against the constant overwhelm?

We need to protect ourselves by setting energetic boundaries and by intentionally working on staying grounded.

Every Empath is different and what works for one may not work for another.
The best form of protection and way to stay grounded for any Empath,
is to create a resilient, healthy body, 
quiet mind and a strong high-vibrational
energy field.

Here are some “Gangster” ways you can achieve this:


The body is made up of 75% water and some body tissue has as much as 95%
so it should come as no surprise that water is way up there on the self-healing scale.

I personally prefer an Alkaline water. It puts your body in optimum fighting mode!
Most are unaware of just how dehydrated they actually are and actually mistake their thirst for hunger.

An insufficient daily amount of water creates so many problems, not only the functioning of the energetic and physical body but all over general well-being.

Water is a powerful protector for Empaths and they need A LOT of it, both inside and outside of their bodies. Water washes away more than just dirt, it actually has the power to cleanse the energetic body and clear negativity.

Any time I have a draining day, I jump straight in the shower and what an uplifting and clearing effect it has. I physically witness the unwanted energy go down the drain.

If your feeling emotionally stressed, drink water and watch how this stress dissolves away. The recommendation is drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water a day just to replenish what the body loses naturally throughout the day.


I personally drink about a gallon a day and sometimes and some days that doesn’t even seem like enough.


One of the best things an Empath can do, is add nutrient-dense foods to their diet. I personally prefer to drink mine right out of the gate, I wake up and drink my nutrients.
More importantly, you want to remove any drug-like foods. Sugar, dairy and fried food. but wheat is one of the worst offenders. It’s NOT just in bread, so make sure you
are reading your labels.

Wheat actually acts like a drug in the body. Empaths react more to drug-like foods because they are highly reactive. High Reactives’ are sensitive to different frequencies of vibration and EVERYTHING around us is actually energy vibrating at different frequencies.

This includes food, drugs and alcohol. The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency. Empaths are negatively affected by anything of a low vibration. Most drugs and alcohol are low vibrational, therefore consuming either will bring you down extremely fast!

Bath Salt.

I recommend Bath Salt to everyone, they have so many healing uses, its magical! Not only are they a great medicinal healer, they are also extremely purifying. They have the power to draw out and dissolve negative energies from your emotional and physical body.

This is especially helpful when your day includes interacting with others, picking up on their peoples stressed or anxious energies.

They even make infused Bath Salts or you can add your own essential Oils,
which I love to do!

Balance Your Energy.

Balancing our masculine and feminine energy, works extremely well in keeping us grounded and energetically stable. Ironically enough, it helps those around us maintain a balanced and stable energy state, also. 

Smudging helps clear your Empath energy field of unwanted energies, while simultaneously offering incredible protection. Choosing the product you would like to smudge with, this absolutely up to you.

If you are smudging yourself:
• Its recommended to smudge during the day.
• Make sure that there is a moving breeze or air flow
• Personal affirmations while smudging are great for setting the intentions of the clear
• Work in a methodical direction (head to feet) (feet to head)

If you are smudging a room:
• Start in the far corner of the room or the house,
start at the baseboards and work your way up
• Want to get in all the cracks and crevices
• The more smoke there is, the more negative energy that’s being smudged away.


For the most part our society turns to exercise for weight loss and a toned body.
Exercise offers so much more, especially for an Empath. It releases pent-up emotions, removes impurities, enhances and uplifts your mood, it energizes, increases happiness, builds a powerful energy field, and is grounding!

When it comes to exercise I recommend to do what you love. The more fun you have, the more often your likely to do it. Empath’s typically don’t like rules or routines. I have constantly struggled with this, make you own rules. Get the music bumpin and shake that booty. Dance, stretch and shake your cares away, just get your sweat on!



Meditation is a must! What most don’t understand is the true purpose of Meditation.
Yes, it’s great for relaxation, visualization and manifestation but connecting to Source,
I find, is the true purpose. Developing a daily connection with a higher power, creates clearer lines of communication, you are able to understand and hear what the universe is trying to say. 

Most Empaths have a busy head with endless mind-chatter and negative thoughts.
So Meditation as an opportunity to get grounded while “doing work” at the same time! 

A busy and chaotic mind is extremely un-grounding. Meditation will help you deal with stressful situations and actually give you that clearer insight, you so instinctively crave.

There are many forms of meditation. It is just a case of finding what works best for you.


In a world of rules and routine, people seldom get time to be creative,
now is the time to make time! Being creative is one of the easiest ways to feel good.
When you feel good you also feel grounded. When you create from your passions
and your interests,
it has a beautiful uplifting effect on your psyche. Expressing
yourself, no matter which form you choose, is one of the best ways to feel
energized and grounded.

Chakra Balancing.

You have 7 main chakras which are part of your energetic body. They are
your centers of spiritual power that run the length of our body,
from the
lower torso to the crown of head. 
Your chakras are a vortex of energy
aligned with your endocrine system. 
(organs which secrete hormones such as adrenalin, cortisone and thyroxine into the body). So basically, balanced Chakras equals balanced hormones. It’s a win-win!

When any chakra is out of balance it can create disease (dis-ease) within the body. Balancing your Chakras works beautifully for grounding, as well as being incredibly beneficial to the health of the entire body and mind.

I personally love Reiki for balancing my chakras.


“The moving meditation” I was one of those people who said “yoga is not for me” I made every excuse in the book and it actually wasn’t until I got pregnant and started stretching out of necessity, that I fell in love with it.

I fell in love with the way I felt! Yoga is incredibly grounding. It works on a physical and the energetic level. No matter what your age or ability, it serves you. 

I personally think, Yoga should be a staple in every person’s life. My whole body feels like it moves ‘together’, now. Yoga works to create a supple spine, the very core of yoga is built on the breath. By breathing in and out of postures, it stills and calms the mind, creating a strong supple body.


Being in nature has a healing and grounding effect on every Empath.
If you have ever watched a tree breath, you know exactly how powerfully
healing and grounding they are. 
As an Empath, if you spend little to
no time in nature,
you will struggle to stay grounded or find balance.


We spend way too much time being stressed and serious and way
too little time having fun. 
I mean, do you remember the last time you
had a proper belly laugh?!

When I was a kid I actually used to have laughing attacks. One day,
in the fourth grade, I had one in the middle of ‘reading time’, 
The teacher
put me by the window and I had to breath and calm myself down.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was actually developing a limiting belief around laughter and fun, in that very moment. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. To be quite honest, I was never the same. I went from playful to mischievous almost over night.

I recently had this epiphany, that this specific situation, played a huge part in my comfortability, when it comes to being playful.

I spent my teenage years and early 20’s depressed, addicted and clutched by severe eating disorder.

Now, I make sure I laugh on a… DAILY BASIS!

‘You don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing!’

We hear children laugh all the time. They don’t know how to take life seriously, it’s all play and fun, which is actually what helps keep them grounded.

Everyone should strive to stay childlike at heart.

To see the magic and the wonder in the world and above all have fun and laugh. Anything that makes you laugh will make your spirits soar. It really is the best medicine.


The healing power of Crystals has been known in many cultures for centuries.
It is believed that the ancients actually had crystal chambers they used to heal physical, spiritual or energetic ailments (DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!!).

Crystals can be used with your chakras to help balance them and remove blockages. Sensing their natural healing vibration, many Empaths are instinctively drawn to crystals specifically for their grounding and protective powers.

Essential oils.

As with crystals, the healing power of essential oils has been known through the ages. Sense of smell is so imperative, it absolutely adds to the magic of this human experience. There is an essential oil for every Empath, for every purpose: grounding, protection, re-balancing, relaxation, energy…

I personally love my essential Oils! I keep a diffuser in my bedroom, next to the bed

Here is the link, if you want to go and check out the essential oils
and THE diffuser that I use! (AMAZING!!)  https://yl.pe/9bzy


Although its last on this list, it is one of the most beneficial, when it comes to Empath grounding. Earthing just means placing your feet on natural earth…
walking barefoot!

We often take for granted the extraordinary healing power of Mother Earth,
connecting with her is one of the simplest ways for an Empath to ground themselves.

Take a walk outside, barefoot, soak up the energies and the love, Mother Earth is naturally wanting to give to you.

Side note: if you have a Leaky Aura, you might find these techniques less effective.

(you want to know more about fixing a Leaky ora CLICK HERE)

So now you have some Gangster techniques to GROUND YOURSELF!

Just remember there is always an explanation for how you are feeling,
messages come in all different packages.

However, intentionally raising your vibrations, will align you to receive your messages clearer, check out Raising Your Vibration 101This will help you take raising your vibration to the next level.

WATCH MY YOUTUBE VIDEO ON THIS TOPIC, HERE: https://youtu.be/Iv4-ybZ2utg

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